Best XI 2017 – Potential Round 5 Dream Team

Best XI 2017 - Potential Round 5 Dream Team

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Previous Result

Last week was a mixed bag. Gambling on New England really paid off, but the Red Bulls failing to convert really hurt.  Luckily, the boom or bust captain outplayed the “wise” choice of Valeri for captain. His dismal point and Zizzo not starting really hurt.

Total Score: 72

Average: 26 (+46)

Highest: 115 (-43)

Value Increase: $0.7

Edits From the Author 3/31 1:30PM ET

As is the way with MLS Fantasy, late news can change your roster.  Instead of updating the information already published, all edits will be listed here.

Goalkeeper Switch: Indications now point to Irwin starting for TFC over Bono.  We’ll watch the lineup as it comes out, but we are making the switch now. We have to pay an extra $.8 to make this switch.

Forward Switch: Plata has been ruled out of the starting lineup and therefore must be swapped out here.  The RSL matchup is still a valuable one so we are sticking with RSL and grabbing Movsisyan instead. The drop from a $9.0 to a $7.3 makes up for the $.8 needed for Irwin and leaves $.9 in the bank.

Defender Switch: With the extra $.9 we can upgrade a cheap defender. For this we will add Callens instead of Smith.

Defender Switch: With the potential for Schmidt to play, we will swap him for Tolo of SEA for no charge and drop Tolo in the starting XI to set our switcheroo.  Zavaleta will be the auto sub candidate and Callens will fill the manual sub spot.

Total Value $99.9


  • Goalkeeper – Bono  $4.7 TFC: Going clean sheet hunting here. No Feilhaber and a struggling SKC attack could be the right combination for a good game.
  • Defender – Morrow $6.2 TFC: It’s not often that premium defenders make the list, but he’s needed just like Bono.
  • Defender – Zavaleta $5.0 TFC: You can’t take all the premium TFC defenders, so Zavaleta gets the nod over Moor.
  • Defender – Onyewu $4.5 PHI: Another decent clean sheet bid and it’s hard to argue with the price. He’s been snagging bonus points as well.
  • Midfielder – Valeri $10.2 POR: Coming off a bad week for a game at home should help Valeri bounce back. So far, he’s been the best fantasy player of 2017.
  • Midfielder – Rusnak $9.0 RSL: He’s been the only real life RSL have had and he’s playing Minnesota. He’s worth the risk.
  • Midfielder – Wallace $7.9 NYC: It’s far too late to bring him in for the first time. Wallace is at home with NYC and really tearing it up. San Jose is good, but NYC at home should get the better of them.
  • Midfielder – Alex $7.7 HOU: The budget midfielder for the week. NY’s defense has been good, but Houston have looked dangerous. Even without Quioto, expect production from this game.
  • Midfielder – Meram $9.5 CLB: He’s put up solid numbers despite shorter minutes.  Look for more production against Orlando.
  • Forward – O Kamara $10.4 CLB: Another home game for one of the best strikers in the league and it’s against Orlando.
  • Forward – Plata $9.0 RSL: All indications are that Plata will play. A game against Minnesota is just what the doctor ordered.


  • Goalkeeper – Diop $4.0 LA – Maybe a cleansheet and some added value
  • Defender – Schmidt $4.0 RSL
  • Defender – Smith $3.9 LA
  • Forward – Wright $4.0 NE

Total Value: $100

There is lots of potential this week around the league. With many options to choose from, narrowing down the best lineup is tough.  The starting XI features only those with home games for the round. Those will play a key factor this week.


Valeri doesn’t have multiple bad games in a row very often. He’s the safe bet facing the Revolution at home. This piece likes to push for the big scores, but while Ola Kamara looks tempting, the Orlando defense is stronger than last season.  Valeri gets the nod this week.

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  1. You left Alex on the bench and have Wright starting in your final picture, just wanted to alert you to that! Great article though, this segment is always my favorite to check out and compare to what I picked. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Bono won’t start. It’s Irwin.

  3. Bono won’t start. It’s Irwin.

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