2024 Fantasy Scoring Changes

Change is never an easy thing, and for the past few years, there have been minimal changes to the official MLS Fantasy game (join NOW!) However, that is not true for the 2024 season which saw a change to the way player points are calculated. These changes may have been small, but the impacts could be significant to your fantasy team.

Summary of Changes

  • Key passes are now +1 for every four. Was +1 for every three.
  • +1 for Big Chances Created (BCC) is now GONE.
  • Blocks are now +1 for every “shot at goal blocked.” Was simply blocks last year.
  • Bonus points for Interceptions is now GONE.
  • Bonus points for Tackles is now GONE.
  • Bonus points for Recoveries is now GONE.
  • -1 for Errors leading to a goal is now GONE.
  • +3 for 2nd Assists is now GONE.
  • +1 for aerial duels won is a new addition for 2024

Impacts on fantasy players

So what does this mean for you when you are looking for players? In general, we can expect a roughly 20%-25% reduction is player points at Keeper, Defender, and some Midfield positions. Forwards appear to come out OK, but we’ll have to see what that impact will be.

For a more detailed discussion of the player point changes, be sure to listen to the Round 1 Preview episode of the MLS Fantasy Insider. You can catch the show LIVE on YouTube on Monday, February 19th or later in the week through your favorite podcast provider.

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