Patreon Supporter Hall of Fame

Supporter Hall of Fame

In 2018 we reworked our Patreon supporter rewards. One of these changes included the creation of a new section on our website for donors who pledged $10 or more per month. This Supporter Hall of Fame is an official notification to everyone on the internet of how Awesome our supporters are. Thank you so much to everyone below.

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2018 Patreon Supporter Hall of Fame

Drinking Buddy Level Supporters

  • Alex Bruni
  • John Halka
  • Michael Parker
  • Mick Lathrop
  • Stephen Morgan
  • Ted Firestone
  • Tim Shaw

MLSFI Partner Level Supporters

  • Jessup Gage
  • Josh Lewis
  • Matt Gauvin
  • Randy Johnstone
  • Sherry Snyder
  • Winston Messer