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2019 Round 20 Predictions and Power Rankings


The following predictions are based on the ELO ranking system. This system was first used in chess to calculate the skill level of players and predict the most likely winner. It’s a good system, but soccer is not chess because soccer can end in a draw. Fortunately chess also allows for a draw and the ELO system is setup to …

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MLSFI: 2019 Round 20 NY Derby Woes & the Return of DGW Madness

Reid sits down with Michael to console him after the disappointing NY Derby result and cover all of the most important & surprising results from Round 19. Before jumping into previewing a Round 20 DGW that is PACKED with offensive options, Reid and Michael stop to field questions from Live listeners. A lot of options are covered for every position …

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2019 Round 18 Captain’s Conundrum

Round 18’s captain rankings are here. A double game week for LAFC means that Vela is on the top of the charts again. But who are the contenders challenging him for the #1 spot this time? 1) Carlos Vela Vela failed to make an impact in the loss against Colorado Rapids where he only managed to rack up 3 points. …

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2019 Round 17 Captain’s Conundrum

The first double game week of the fall season is here and there is plenty of excitement and variety of choices to give you a headache. The safest captains with highest potentials this week will definitely be the ones who play at home but they could easily be outscored by those who bring their A-game both away and at home. …

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2019 Round 15 Captain’s Conundrum

The final week of the spring season is here. 12 teams will go head to head against each other before the entire game is reset for the fall season. Those who hold a favorable rank might want to play it safe here and those who can’t wait for this disastrous season to end (like me) could look to go big, …

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2019 Round 14 Captain’s Conundrum

Wayne Rooney captain

There are only 2 gameweeks left in the fantasy spring season and gameweek 14 is the best opportunity for those who want to cover serious ground or for those who want to leave their nemesis in the dust. It’s the biggest gameweek left so there are plenty of good captain choices you can choose from to gain an edge over …

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2019 Round 13 Captain’s Conundrum

Amro Tarek captain

Round 13 is here to cause confusion this week in terms of captain choice because there is no clear-cut captain choice. Double games for New York Red Bulls and Vancouver Whitecaps doesn’t really provide us with the best captain choice because both teams haven’t been anything special offensively or defensively. 1) Carlos Vela A must have pick every time he …

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MLSFI: 2019 Round 13 A DGW Breather & Mid Season Game Feedback

Reid, Michael, and Blayne sit down with special guest & MLS Fantasy Boss contributor Tyler Bartles to review the most important takeaways from Round 12 and preview Round 13. The first segment includes a short discussion period where Reid covers some of the techniques for a defender switcheroo and guys talk about opportunities for providing feedback on the first half …

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2019 Round 11 Captain’s Conundrum

Pozuelo captain

Round 11 is underway in Fantasy MLS and it’s the biggest double game week of the season so far. Since there are a lot of good quality teams with two fixtures, the emphasis will mostly be on premium players with offensive upside.   1) Alejandro Pozuelo Pozuelo will be the most popular captain pick this week and there is little …

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MLS Injury News: Gameweek 10

MLS Injury News: Gameweek 8 Injuries can have a big impact on a fantasy lineup. Not only can they impact your score by providing under the radar options, but replacements often come in at a lower price point and can make it easier to field a full roster. Each week I’ll review key injuries and help you find replacements that …

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