2019 Round 28 Captain’s Conundrum

Round 28’s captain rankings are here. A massive double game week towards the end of the season gives you an opportunity to make a final push with a wide variety of differentials to choose from. Which 5 players stand out as the top candidates for captaincy this week?

1) Zlatan Ibrahimović

An obvious captain choice this week, Zlatan is going to be the most popular captain pick this week without any doubt. No other player has the same potential as Zlatan does and two games more or less guarantees that he at least scores once.

2) Magnus Eriksson

The race for the playoffs is heating up and all the teams from 2nd to 8th are closely packed to each other. So despite their bad away form, I expect San Jose to try and win both the games this week. Especially since their last set of games are all against playoff teams. Eriksson is going to be the focal point of this last charge and he will be vital for them to hold onto a playoff spot.

3) Cristian Pavón

LA Galaxy newcomer Pavón has really impressed so far with his performances and could be a cunning pick for those who feel skeptical about captaining Zlatan. He has a goal and two assists in his last two games and could add to his tally this week with a LAG team that only plays offense and has scored 10 goals in the last 4 games.

4) Alexander Ring

I like Ring this week because he plays both the games at home against two terrible away teams and provides a safe floor with a chance to add a goal or assist. It is still to be seen whether he starts at center-back because it will hurt his production and reduce his involvement in goals.

5) Alejandro Pozuelo

Pozuelo finally ended his horrible run of five games without a goal or assist and notched 2 assists against FC Cincinnati in a huge 1-5 win. His form is a bit topsy-turvy but if he could play even half as good as he did at the start of the season then he will have a fantastic week.

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  1. Round 26’s captain rankings are here. A double game week for
    Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps give you a plethora of
    attackers to choose from. Vela is replaced at the top of the list
    because of his injury and a single game this week.

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