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Hey everyone. I know things have been quite the last few days, but don’t worry, we’re still here. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what to expect over the next few days.

Also, we’re going to plug our FPL fantasy league and give you the code to join. All after the break! 

KFC’s new Fantasy Premier League…League. 

OK, so this might be a bit of a stretch, but we dropped the KFC from the public league title this season. Mistake? Maybe, but we’re trying to give a little more exposure to the r/FantasyMLS subreddit. If we don’t like it, we’ll bring it back next season. But enough chatter, you came here for league codes, so here are the auto-join links:

Since we had several members from r/FantasyPL join our KFC MSL league this season, we wanted to give them some props in our league this season and maybe generate some friendly rivalry. So feel free to visit r/FantasyPL if you are looking for some tips and check out their leagues too.

Don’t worry I’m going to see if I can dig up some prizes for this too. Oh did I mention that I’m trying to get some prizes for the KFC MLS league? Well… I’m trying to get some prizes. Don’t expect anything big. It may just be some certificates and maybe something a little extra for the winner. Bragging rights are still priceless right?

Coming soon this week!

So here’s my plan for this week. Tomorrow will be the updated form charts. Thursday’s plan is to send out another Player Roundup like last week. Friday will be captain picks. Sound good? I hope so because that’s all I got.

Final Thoughts

We’re really excited about the FPL season starting back, but we’re not going to be crating content like we did for MLS. There are just too many great sights already established. So we’ll be focusing on our team and out league and just giving some highlights through the season.

But that’s after MLS ends! So until then, we’ll keep creating out content for MLS and doing what we can to give people as much of an edge as we can. The KFC league is the 6th best scoring league in all of FMLS, and we’re very proud of that and for all the people who joined out league and made that possible.

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  1. Everyone is welcome to join my league- 234-400

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