Are you looking for a MLS Fantasy League to join? Then you have found the right place! Here is a list of some of my favorite 2019 leagues. Keep checking back for updates or hit me up on Twitter if you have other suggestions.


In order to qualify for a prize from the the official r/FantasyMLS or MLSFantasyBoss leagues, you must register HERE. This just makes is MUCH easier for me to contact people who win. Thanks!

2019 Classic Leagues

  • MLS Fantasy Boss Prize League R3C62PTX – Official classic league of MLSFantasyBoss.com
  • r/FantasyMLS Prize LeagueYL6LK3UR – Come play with all your favorite Reddit buddies and win prizes!
  • Extra Time (Prize Eligible) – Click Here to Join – The official league for the official MLS podcast!
  • /r/MLS – Click Here to Join – A very active MLS community on Reddit
  • SoccerCaptains.com – Click Here to Join – The official league for frequent MLSFI guest Tim Shaw
  • MLS Fantasy 4 Kidz League- Click Here for Info – A fun, family friendly, league to get your kids interested in MLS

Head 2 Head Leagues


  1. Can our League be featured on this site: code is: 52-1921

  2. You have this league on here twice: 202-548

  3. Trying to find an open draft style, non auction, MLS Fantasy league for my friends and I to compete against each other. Tried mlssoccer.com last year but didn’t like it. Suggestions

  4. Have not be to join the fantasy boss league. Is it full?

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