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I know I’ve mentioned before that it’s a little hard finding good picks for some positions that don’t’ seems to obvious, this week was rough when it came to forwards. A lot of the top picks are pretty obvious. So for this week, I’ve reworked the format some. I hope it will cover all the bases to the extent needed.

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The Big Guns
Some of the most obvious picks and typical go-to guys

  • Chris Wondolowski ($10.2m @ 27.5%. Home game vs Montreal): Even at home, this should be rough. We’re not huge fans of Wondo because we think he’s too expensive for his point returns. San Jose does have a promising double game week though.
  • Robert Earnshaw ($8.5m @ 27.5%. Away game vs Colorado): Toronto are quite poor on the road and Earnshaw is in a bit of a drought. Some may say he’s due one, we say that Colorado are not great at home and his chances for a goal are better this game than the last two.
  • Robbie Keane ($10.5 @ 18.5%. Home game vs Houston): Somehow Keane has managed to keep his price despite poor point returns. Most of this is due to injury and bye weeks. With Donovan back, he may do more, but right now he’s just too much for us.
  • Thierry Henry ($10.5m @ 18%. Away game vs Columbus): Henry has been hit or miss so far and has actually been scoring every other game recently.  He’s really a 50/50 chance for me. Also, he may not play the New England game in Week 11 due to it being on turf.
  • Federico Higuaín ($9.3m @ 17.2%. Home game vs New York): The only forward who has excellent bonus point generation. When he plays well, you can get points w/o a goal. A couple rough games recently, but three home games in a row is always good for a player’s confidence. No double games though.

Hot Transfer Targets
Players on good form or with good games who are current popular picks

  • Jack McInerney ($8.6m @ 18.5%. Home game vs Seattle): J Mac was hot two weeks ago but has drawn a blank in his last two games. Seattle has a very poor away record so this could be a chance for J Mac to get another goal before week 12. Speaking of week 12, it’s a double game week for Philly and because his price is low, MCInerney has been gaining value quickly. He’s worth a shot if you’re looking to drop someone like Henry or Keane.
  • Dominic Oduro ($7.1m @ 17.3%. Home game vs New York): Oduro really stepped up when Arrieta was out. He has three goals in the last four games and still has two more home games to play. With Higuain looking back in form, the chances of Oduro getting good service just increase. The only worry is that last week Oduro was playing in midfield and Arrieta was up top, that did not stop him from scoring last week, but it’s something to consider. If nothing else, his price is low enough to make him a good value-building target.
  • Ryan Johnson ($8.5 @ 15.6%. Home game vs New England): We did not think much about Johnson early on and viewed him as more of a reaction pick to the two goals he got in week 5. But in the last four games he has 3 goals and 1 assist.  Add this to the recent defense woes New England is suffering; Johnson may be able to add to that total. Also, Portland has a double game in week 11. The first is Away vs Dallas (eww) but the second is Home vs Chivas (better).  They also have a decent run of game going into week 15 (bye in 14) so Portland will be a team to watch.
  • Marco Di Vaio ($8.5m @ 6.6%. Away game vs San Jose): Di Vaio has 4 goals in 7 games and has still managed to stay under $9m. This is due to all of the bye weeks Montreal has had, and they still have more coming. But he’s definitely a player who we feel is undervalues and has a much better return rate than players like Wondo or Keane. IF you feel like you can work around his bye weeks, take a good long look at him. San Jose might be a harder game for the Montreal defense, but they have 0 clean sheets so Di Vaio has a good chance to add to his total. Oh and Montreal also has a double game in week 11.

Rising Underdogs
Differential picks that look good to gain value over the next few games

  • Adam Jahn ($5.4m @ 3.9%. Home game vs Montreal): Two weeks ago, Jahn played 6min and scored the tying goal against Portland, last week he played 20 min and was involved in many offensive plays. His performance has been good enough for many managers to take notice and he looks set to rise in value. If he starts to get some more playtime the upcoming double game week could pay off well for adventurous managers.
  • Deshorn Brown ($6.0m @ 27%.  Home game vs Toronto. QUESTIONABLE status) Deshorn might not play, let’s just get that out in the open right now. He’s on this list because he has great shooting stats and is still under $7m. Once he is healthy again, he’s sure to start gaining value again. Keep an eye on him.

These are our picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Keep checking back for more updates through the week for other positions.

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