KFC’s Wildcard Playoff Captain Poll

captain-MLSDon’t forget, the transfer deadline is Wednesday the 30th (Tomorrow) at 10:15pm so be sure to get all of your trades in and captain set.

Have you decided on your captain yet? Be sure to vote and see how your pick does before finalizing you team. Also, if you would like to join the discussion, be sure to visit the thread at /r/FantasyMLS.

Keep reading for our top picks and the poll. Don’t forget to vote below!

It’s almost time for the Wildcard Playoff round. Have you made your most important choice yet? I’m talking about your captain of course. This week can be pretty tough due to only 4 teams playing, but it’s an ideal week to use the ole Caparoo!

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, I think Houston has a good shot at a shutout, but that the Seattle game could be close (though I think Seattle will win). Fortunately Seattle is playing first so by making one of those players your Vice Captain, you can sit back and relax…before maybe having to switch to a Houston player.

The Vice Captain pick is tough though. I think EJ is the safest bet for a Seattle goal, then Rosales or Dempsey. A lot of that will depend on Seattle’s formation, so keep an eye on twitter for that. If that does not workout, then I’m planning on having Brad Davis as my backup. He has the ability to generate bonus points just from Crosses and Key Passes and he’s always a threat for a goal or assist.

I think Montreal and Colorado players a far too risky for captain, but if you have a good feeling, make one your VC and see if it works out.

What about you? Take a moment to vote in the poll below and then why not leave your thoughts at r/FantasyMLS.

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