MLSFI S4: Round 32 Preview

MLSFI S4: Round 32 Preview

Reid and Mike pair up to review all of the fantasy takeaways from Round 31 before diving into all of the action coming up in Round 32.

They start with a quick conversation about the surprisingly productive Round 31 which includes a quick side conversation about how to classify New England and we figure out what Mike has against Seattle.

Shots are fired during their game-by-game review of Round 32 as both Reid and Mike poke fun at some of their player picks, but they take time to point out several budget options.

Games start on Saturday so there is plenty of time listen as you get your team ready for Round 32.

  • Round 31 Team reviews: 2:24
  • Round 31 Fantasy Takes: 7:09
  • Housekeeping: 21:39
  • Round 32 Preview: 26:10
  • Round 32 Player Picks: 49:38
  • Community Time: 55:09
  • Plugz: 57:54

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MLSFI S4: Round 32 Preview

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