2017 Round 2 Punts and Differentials

Punts and Differentials

To all of the newcomers in FMLS, WELCOME!!! This article is for the people who like to walk on the wild side and take a weekly differential pick into their lineup. A punt constitutes a player who is <5% owned, has a favorable schedule/fixtures, and is either inexpensive or in form.

With GW1 behind us, and GW2 approaching, now is the time to find key differentials to set yourself apart from everyone else. We all had the heavy hitters in our lineups, and most under performed. Giovinco blanked and missed a PK, Kaka got injured. Most players that had massive games were not whom you initially had in your lineup. I said it before the season started, and I’ll say it again. This is the year of the differential!! With that being said, here are my GW2 punts at each position!


  • Bingham – SJ – 6.0 Mil @ 4.4 % Ownership
  • SJ kept a CS in GW1 vs MTL, and look to keep another VS a lackluster VAN team. SJ had one of the best home defenses last year, and I would bet on them doing the same this week.


  • Medranda – SKC – 5.0 Mil @ 3.6 % Ownership
  • Medranda is playing OOP on the right wing. He totaled 9 points last week (1 CS, 4 SH, 90 MIN,1 DBP). SKC play at home vs FCD, so while I don’t expect a CS, I expect tons of BP’s and the odd goal/assist from Medranda.
  • Long – NYRB – 5.9O Mil @ 4.4 % Ownership
  • I am big on a NYRB CS this week. Long has played every match this preseason except for the first match and has looked good. Long also started GW1 notching 7 points( 5 DBP, 90 Min). His 5 DBP’s really stand out to me, so for a 5.0 players with those numbers, sign me up!
  • Farfan – PDX – 4.0 Mil @ 4.7 % Ownership
  • Farafan is a $4.0 player that will start this week due to PDX’s injuries. I expect PDX to get blown out of the water this week in LA, but #becausemls, Farfan could get on the score sheet somehow.


  • Alessandrini – LAG – 9.0 Mil @ 2.9 % Ownership
  • Alesandrini came to LA later in the preseason, so he will have some time to adjust. Scoring 4 points(4 shots, 85 min, 1 DBP), I expect him to get his first goal of the season and for LA this weekend against a depleted PDX team.
  • Rusnak – RSL – 9.0 Mil @ 1.9 % Ownership
  • Rusnak put up 5 points( 1 ABP, 1 DBP, 1 CS, 90 MIN), but was almost invisible most of the time. With Plata possibly out vs CHI, I expect Rusnak to be on all SP, and be the focal point of the offense this week.


  • Accam – CHI – 9.0 Mil @ 3.8 % Ownership
  • Accam is one of the most dynamic players in MLS. His speed is unrivaled and RSL has always struggled vs speed. Accam scored 9 points(1 GS-PK-, 90 MIN, 2 DBP) and was heavily involved not only in GW1 but in preseason with Chicago’s attack. I would expect the same output from Accam this week if not more. Accam is my MUST HAVE PLAYER this week

Other Punts and Differentials to Consider

  • FWD- Quioto/Torres – HOU,
  • MID- Juninho – CHI
  • DEF- Jungwirth – SJ, Callens – NYCFC, Zizzo – NYRB
  • GK- Bava – CHI


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  1. “Minnesota United Smack the Portland Timbers on Opening Day”
    “I expect PDX to get blown out of the water this week in LA”

    I’d like to formally request that someone from mlsfantasyboss.com predict bad things for Portland every week for the rest of the season.


    • Jason Wiscovitch

      I’ll eat that crow, if you’re going to dish it, you have to give me credit on my punts as well! The XG for LA vs PDX were high and with PDX’s defensive injuries, that was the general consensus.

      • Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a “Jason sucks” comment! The Timbers are exceeding my expectations, too. I just want to keep the momentum going by not letting anything change, including mlsfantasyboss.com writers posting about how poorly we’re going to do, haha. Your post confirmed my faith in Medranda (I was wavering) who got me 7 points. Keep up the good work!

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