Round 21 Punts and Differentials

Round 21 Punts and Differentials

With one of the highest scoring SGW’s of this season and the all-star break played yesterday, I have compiled a list of some players I feel will help our teams out.

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  • Howard (COL – 6.2 Mil @ 2.9 % Ownership): Col have arguably one of the best defenses in the league. With the addition of Howard, they have kept 2 CS in 4 games under his watch. Colorado play away at NYCFC but Pirlo and Villa played roughly 30 minutes of the AS game, and had to travel 3,000 miles back to NYCFC.



  • Harriston (COL – 5.2 Mil @ 1.1 % Ownership): Harriston has been playing OOP, and has scored in his past 2 outings and registered 1 CS. I’m not sure how long this will last, but with his offensive output and the potential for a CS, he could be an inexpensive way into COL defensive lineup.
  • Romney (LAG —5.2 Mil @ 1.4 % Ownership): Romney has started the past 6 games for LAG and has boasted a 38pt return(4 CS and 1 assist). With Steris being the popular pick, Romney could be another way into the LAG defense.

Boom or Bust pick of the week

  • Marquez (PHI- 6.2 Mil @ 1.3 % Ownership): Phi play RSL at home this weekend. Not only is there cross continent travel for RSL, but they will be without their sole striker Yura. Beckerman played close to 45 minutes in the AS game, so he may not be as fresh. I can see PHI keeping a CS this week.



  • Harrison (NYCFC – 5.8 Mil @ 4.2 % Ownership): Harrison was on my punts last week as well. He has gone up in ownership by 0.9% Harrison can be a productive, inexpensive 5th He should be in all teams.
  • Pedro Morales(VAN- 10.9 Mil @ 2.5% Ownership) : Van play away at FCD. Even though FCD have a fantastic home defense, Porales seems to be playing more of an offensive role, and has generated 30 points in his last 6 outings. He is also on PK’s and most SP duties.



  • Drogba (MTL – 12.3 Mil @ 4.4 % Ownership): Drogba was on my list last week as well. He is just too good not to be in your lineup. He scored a hatty vs Phi, and scored last night in the AS game. My concern with him is his playing time consistency. They play away in DC and need to continue their run of form. At his price, his PP90 is off the charts, but as I mentioned before, its hard to judge if he will play or be rested.
  • Igboananike (DC- 7.9 Mil @ 2.4 % Ownership): Chi play at home VS NYRB. Chi’s next 3 fixtures are favorable for their offense. NYRB/rsl/ORL. Igbo could be a great flyer for the next couple of weeks.



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  1. You mentioned Villa in the article above, but he’s not playing Saturday because of Yellow Card accumulation. Just a note in case some may have missed it.

    • Jason Wiscovitch

      Good call. I wasn’t sure if he WAS suspended, since it was unclear. Twellman said he may be suspended, but Villa and Pirlo were flying back to play on Saturday.

      • Definitely a strange situation.

        Villa knew (or at least I hope he knew) he was one yellow away from missing a match, and it seemed to more than a few us he deliberately took that card when he refused to back away from the free kick.

        He had a look on his face that triple dog dared the ref to card him. Some of us were speculating if he was looking for a game off to recharge from the summer heat, regular season grind, All Star Game, etc.

  2. Igboananike is not a Fire player anymore. He has been traded to DC.

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