Round 28 Punts and Differentials


Round 28 Punts and Differentials


Welcome back to another edition of my Punts and Differentials. I have been on a work hiatus the past couple of week, but I’m back and raring to go to help you out with some picks to hopefully boost your rankings!

This week I will be covering some differential options that could help get you through the next 5 weeks without making any additional transfers.

Hit me up on Twitter @JayMLSFI and let me know what you think of the new format and give me any suggestions for how I can keep making this article more fun and informative.



  • Bendik (OCSC – 4.9 Mil @ 3.3 % Ownership): Orlando have a DGW in GW28 & GW31. For a keeper that is inexpensive and guaranteed minutes, he could be a steal. Orlando also have some players coming back from injury.
  • Willis (HOU – 4.8 Mil @ 2.2 % Ownership): Hou have been sub par this year. Having Bendik and Willis will get you coverage on the next 3 DGW’s. Seems like a win-win for optimal coverage to me!
  • Tarbell (SJ – 3.9 Mil @ 2.2% Ownership): This is purely a budget option. If you’re looking for a cheap starter, Tarbell is your man. SJ do NOT have a bye for the rest of the season, with a DGW in 31.



  • Camara (MTL – 6.3 Mil @ 2.1 % Ownership): Camara is defenitly an under the radar pick. MTL have a DGW in 28 & 31, with a pretty favorable schedule in-between.



  • Sam (DCU – 9.6 Mil @ 4.9 % Ownership): Since Sam was transferred to DCU, they have been doing much better in their attack. Sam has put up an average score line of 8 PPG since joining DCU.


  • Alex (HOU – 5.9 Mil @ 3.4% Ownership): Alex has played in all but 3 games for HOU, and has scored 109 fantasy points. At 5.9 Mil, he is a GREAT 5th midfielder who can be started or used as a switcheroo. HOU also have a DGW in 31 and no byes for the rest of the year.


  • Quintero (SJ – 6.5 Mil @ 2.7 % Ownership): Quintero is in the same category as Alex(HOU). At 6.5 Mil, Quintero has played in all but 2 games for SJ. SJ also have a DGW in 31 without a bye for the rest of the year.


  • MPG(Garcia) (OCSC – 7.7 Mil @ 0.7 % Ownership): MPG has done well since joining OCSC. With 2 DGW’s for OCSC, and Molino playing this week for T&T, MPG could be a steal.




  • Martinez/Yura (RSL – 8.8/9.2 Mil @ 2.9/2.0 % Ownership): Both of these FWD’s are great picks for this DGW. I would personally opt for Yura. He is coming off of a brace, but did miss a PK for a Hatty.


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