MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule – Preseason Draft 1

MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule - Preseason Draft 1

The season has only been over for a few short months, but if you’re anything like me, you’re already ready for the 2016 MLS Fantasy season to start. To help tide you over, and in response to several messages I’ve received on Twitter, I’ve put together the MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule – Preseason Draft 1. As the title implies, this is just the first version of this chart. As we get closer to March 6th, I’m sure we’ll hear about games changes, we’ll get updates about the next round of CCL games, and we’ll find out when/how many free Wild Cards we’ll get this season.

All of that will be added to the schedule but until then, please enjoy this version and have fun with your preseason planning. Don’t worry about bookmarking this post, there will be a new post for each new draft and you’ll always be able to find the current version in the Fantasy Resources section.

Just a small disclaimer, while I have written Fantasy Articles for MLS, I am in no way involved with the creation of the fantasy game or the final breakdown of game weeks. The current chart is based on my best guess from previous seasons. But it good enough for now right? 🙂


MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule – Preseason Draft 1

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MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule - Preseason Draft 1

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