Behind the Numbers: MLS Fantasy Week 7

Behind the Numbers

Week 6 Recap

Week 6 could have been better, could have been worse. In summary, never trust my Captain choices. The BTN team scored 77 with a 2 point contribution from Captain Valeri. In summary, POR is bad and should be avoided until they get home. The Behind the Numbers team slipped to 682 overall, with 472 points. That’s 100 points off 1st place after only six weeks. OOF. The TV did increase to $116.7.

Fantasy philosophy

It’s our first double game week of the season. The analysis will tell you that (unsurprisingly) have DGW players is a good way to increase your floor and your ceiling. My philosophy has been to take that too the extreme and basically generate differentials by being dogmatic about choosing only DGW players. I highly recommend the autoroo on DGWs, while I don’t much care for planning for switcheroos or autoroos. Put that money into your teams.

Apologies in advance for the short writeup, quick turn around this week.

Week 7 Defense Rankings

Total Budget this Week: $116.7

UPDATED POST COL – SEA Cancellation. Welcome to Becuase MLS Town.


I’m guessing you already have a DGW Keeper in your lineup. Else LAFC and HOU look to be strong defensive options.


From teams I’ve seen, people had at least a couple DC or MTL defenders, so you’re maybe looking to fill 1-2 spots. HOU defenders are pretty cheap which I recommend otherwise LAFC, SEA and FCD offer some premium options. It mostly just depends on your money situation. Personally, I have too much money tied up in Piette because of DGWs…

Week 7 Offense Rankings

Week 7 Player Projections


This once again comes down to money and how you choose to set up your team for the DC – MTL game. Personally, I’m scrapping everyone from the SEA and COL from my lineup and going BIG at FWD. Lots of solid options now at FWD. I think Pomykal has to slot into your team to given how POR are playing. HOU and LAFC have great matchups. The numbers may not bear it out, but this is MIN’s home opener stadium opener. I expect a show.

Top Offenses for Week 7

2019 Week 7 BTN Team

Here’s my first draft based on the discussion above.

If you’d like to follow me on twitter, I’m @MLSFB_BTN. I typically post my updated lineup on Friday nights before the games start to show if my thinking has changed since this column went up.

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