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Capatoo-BannerLast week, Ben Jata made a post about how to use a little substitution trick to help you not leave points on your bench. Many have started calling this trick the Switcheroo. We decided we wanted to take this trick a step farther and find out if it would work for picking the best captain. This was dubbed, the Caparoo.

There was a little confusion as to if this trick would work, so we also wanted to try it to clear everything up.

Keep reading after the break to see exactly how it works.


Here’s a quick summary of what Ben Jata was talking about. During weeks where games happen on different days, you have the ability to make Manager subs after the first day’s games are over. This means if a player’s team has not yet played, you can bring in a player from your bench who has also not yet played.

So you have a defender who is not playing this week, normally your first sub will replace him. BUT, say your first sub played on Day 1 and only got 2 points, but your second sub is playing on Day 2. This gives you the opportunity to bring in that second sub and a better shot at more points.

  • Important note: if you make a manager sub, auto-subs no longer happen.

What’s also important, is you also get the opportunity to change your captain during a manager sub if he has not yet played. The groundwork is now set for the Caparoo.

The Caparoo

I think the best way to describe the Caparoo will be to show you what we did with the KFC team. Fortunately, I took screen shots.

Step 1: Select a Captain and a Vice Captain

Before Caparoo

This is the most important step. Your Vice Captain is your backup. This can be a guy who has some “guaranteed” points, or a very promising differential. Basically it’s a guy (playing on DAY 1) who’s score you want to see before being happy with him as your captain. In our screenshot above, we picked Morales.

Now you pick your captain. Your have two options. 1) Pick a guy who has a bye week. This means he will not play and you know he will be subbed for a player on your bench. 2) Pick a player who plays on DAY 2 and you know he will be elegible for a manager sub. We went with Di Vaio because he was on a bye.

On our bench, we had: Robbie Keane, Deshorn Brown, and Matteo Ferrari. Keane is our first sub because we want him to sub on if our Vice Captain does well and he definite will because Di Vaio will not play.

Step 2: Wait for the results from DAY 1

After Caparoo

After all of the games from DAY 1 are over, you will have the option to make a manager sub. Here is where you have choices.

  1. If your Vice Captain scored well, you do NOTHING. This means your first sub will come in for your captain and your Vice Captain will get double points. Here’s a picture from our friend showing that result – Before and After (He is the 3rd place player overall). Higuain was his Vice Captain.
  2. If your Vice Captain did poorly, it’s time for the manager sub.
  3. If your Vice Captain did OK, you have a decision to make.

As you can see in the above screenshot, Morales got 6 points. That’s not bad, but we were testing the Caparoo so here’s what we did. From the “My Team” tab, you take the first player on your bench and sub him in for your current captain. Also at this time, the “Captain” drop down becomes active again. By default, your oncoming sub will become your new captain. It’s your job to change it you want. In our case, we also had the option of selecting Landon Donovan. But we decided to go with Robbie Keane so we did not have to pick a new captain.

Step 3: Confirm your Caparoo choice

Confirm Caparoo

Now that you have chosen your new Captain, you’re almost finished. All that is left is to confirm your new Captain. As you can see above, you get a standard confirm screen as you would for any trade. The only difference is that it points out “Players in” and “Captain in”.

Step 4: Pray/The final result

Final Result Caparoo

Now all you have left to do is wait and hope that your new Captain will score ore points than your Vice Captain. As you can see above, this is the final result of our team. Keane did receive the bonus points from being our captain, unfortunately, he did not do better than Morales.

This is the risk you run, but we were happy to do it to prove that the Caparoo is indeed an option to help you get every last point out of your captain (should have gone with Omar).

We hope you found this tip helpful. If you have any questions about this article, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the related post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips.

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