Three flavors of the Switcheroo (Video)


Have you heard about the Keeperoo? The Autoroo? What about the Transferoo? If you’re a MLS Fantasy player and your answer is no, then you need to watch the below tutorial to find out how to utilize one of the newest tactics to get the most points for your team each round!

All three of these tactical approaches fall under the general category of a MLS Fantasy Switcheroo. This a tactic that has it’s origins back in 2013 with the now long dead Caparoo. It evolved over time. Gained popularity when unlimited transfers were added, but did not reach full maturity until 2018 with the introduction of rolling transfer lockouts (newest article by EThulin).

This tactic was recently discussed by Ben Baer, Matt Doyle, and Bobby Warshaw on Twitter, but I thought we needed a bit more of a breakdown for everyone who needed a more visual example. So please enjoy three flavors of the #Switcheroo.


This Switcheroo video was my first time playing around in Adobe Premiere, so let me know if you all liked this video and if you would like to see more like it. I’ll so, try to make it a regular thing to breakdown different questions.

Three flavors of the Switcheroo

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