MLSFI S2 Ep5: New Stats & Final Player Picks

MLSFI S2 Ep5: New Stats & Final Player Picks

Join Reid, Simon, Guy, Jason, and Andrew Crollard as they talk about what they talk about what they learned after looking at the 2015 player point totals using the new 2016 scoring system. They also go over all of their final player picks before the game starts on the 6th, answer questions from Reddit, talk about Wildcard usage, and give a shout out to all of the best leagues!

Approximate discussion topic times:
Keps @ 19 mins
Defs @ 25 mins
Mids @ 38 mins
Fwds @ 48 mins
Captains + other questions @ 60 mins
Leagues info @ 76 mins


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MLSFI S2 Ep5: New Stats & Final Player Picks

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