MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule – Final Update?

MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule - Final Update?

As everyone must know by now, the MLS Fantasy Manager is LIVE! So before reading any more of this article, go start a team…… OK are you back now? Good. About a month ago I posted my first draft of the 2016 Season Schedule based on my best guesses of when fantasy game weeks would be. I’m happy to say that I was pretty close and am now ready to release version 4 and I hope this will be the final version.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have already seen the new version, but this post is going to serve as the permanent home for the chart for easier reference. Well, I guess you could download it too, that would be pretty handy.


MLSFB Full 2016 Season Schedule – Preseason Draft 4

Edit: Adjustments to formatting and correct identification of Home and Away teams in GW 5 & 6 (2/29/16)

Direct Download

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