Round 5 Advanced Transfer Tactics

Advanced Transfer Tactics
In this new article at MLS Fantasy Boss, we will look at the some of the best options for setting up a Keeperoo, Autoroo, or a Transferoo for the upcoming round. For those unfamiliar with these tactics in MLS Fantasy, you can find a detailed explanation here.

Mangers should select an Over/Under value for Keeperoos and Transferoos so they know when to keep a score or when to go digging for a better options. This number is usually around the average of a potential replacement with variance on how good the replacement’s matchup looks like.

Advanced Transfer Tactics – Keeperoo

For the keeperoo, you want to pick an early game goalkeeper that you hope will have a great game. If he does, you leave the position alone. If his score doesn’t suit you, you look for a sub to put on the field from a later game.

Alex Bono, $5.8 TFC

Bono is our obvious pick this week. His Friday night game will be in the books giving managers Saturday morning to swap if he doesn’t keep the clean sheet here. 


Bono’s over/under this round is set at 4.5. With Robles playing a struggling Orlando City attack and Columbus hosting Vancouver, you have two solid replacement options that could score big.

Luis Robles, $6.9 NY

Robles is on the road vs Orlando City who have been struggling. The Red Bull defense has looked strong so far in MLS and Concacaf Champions League play and should live up to expectations despite being on the road.


Robles playing on the second day lowers his target score a bit. Call the over/under at 3.5 and be ready to switch to Seitz of Houston or Steffen on CLB if NYRB concede multiple early.

Advanced Transfer Tactics – Autoroo

In short, the Autoroo involves loading your bench with two or three players and letting the automatic substitution pick the highest score or scores.  These should be your boom or bust players that can’t be predicted.

When running 3 bench players, you need 2 scrubs on the field, but only 1 if you are running two bench options. You won’t have to watch results closely here, just set these guys up on the bench and let the game do the work.

Keegan Rosenberry, $5.5 PHI defender

Rosenberry has a huge upside where his value should go up the full $0.5 this week. At $5.5 he’s worth the risk on the road against Colorado. If Philly keep the clean sheet, you’re golden, but the price rise is justification enough for him being here.

Daniel Salloi, $5.9 SKC midfielder

This  young talent that is making a huge impact on the field. He’s been one of the most dynamic players in the Sporting attack and capable of goals and assists. His value game might not be strong, but a home match vs DC United could see him light up the score sheet.

Cristian Martinez, $5.0 CLB Midfielder

Martinez has been the year’s best autoroo player. His value is just about that of a scrub meaning there’s almost no drawback to selecting him. He’s also capable of a price rise, but really doesn’t suffer greatly from a bad game.

Chris Durkin, $4.0 DC Midfielder

Here is an auto include on every bench not running three other autoroo candidates. He’s at the price floor meaning he cannot lose value and as a potential starter he’s got the potential to be the best fantasy value this week. You literally cannot lose with this pick if you didn’t plan to use the spot for a different player.

Advanced Transfer Tactics – Transferoo

The ultimate weapon in maximizing your team value is the Transferoo. For this you pick an early game player looking for that big score, just like a goalkeeper. If you hit it right, you’ve saved a lot of money, but if the player is a bust, grab a replacement. With the power comes one major drawback. Every time you employ this strategy, you lose overall value on the field with a bench player that won’t see the field eating into your budget.

Jonathan Osorio, $6.5 TFC Midfielder

Osorio is the perfect transferoo candidate. He’s playing Friday night vs RSL and is averaging 5.0PPG. If he nets a goal, you’re all set with a great midfielder score and a nice budget savings.


Go with 5.5 for Osorio. A goal or an assist will likely see him break the 6 point threshold to keep him. Be looking at the next two players as potential replacements if Osorio hits the under.

Alex Muyl and Vincent Bezecourt $6.5 NYRB midfielders

Both are all capable of putting up solid numbers with the Red Bulls and due for price rises. Depending on who starts, you can use the rolling transfers to select the one that plays.


For this pair, look at 4.5 for the over/under. The later games don’t offer nearly as much potential so a lower threshold here will help maintain the highest possible points.

 Overlapping Players

It must be noted that many of the Autoroo and Transferoo players can overlap. Setting up an autoroo with two early players can turn into a transferoo if both scores are sub par. Many of the late game week autroo candidates are perfect replacements for selected transferoo players as well. This round, Salloi, Rosenberry, and Durkin are all potential replacements for any of the Transferoo players listed. Martinez also makes a decent transferoo option at his price. You can save a lot by subbing in a $5.0 midfielder to use on late game week premium players.

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