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Draft Analysis – Selecting Defenders

In MLS Fantasy defenders have been the necessary evil on the team. Premium defenders never produced the same points that other positions did. That is changing in 2017, but Draft format has never undervalued defenders. Defenders make up a steady core of points with a decent floor and low ceiling. Occasionally gems shine going forward or play out of position …

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Stats Summary – Finding Value at Defender 2017

This is part three of the four part series about finding the value for each position. This one focuses on finding defender value. Here’s links to the forward and midfielder articles. For those of you too lazy to read the last posts…. the important column in this table is the rightmost one labeled “Residuals”. The higher that number, the better …

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2015 Early Defender Picks

Last week I covered my Early Keeper Picks, today I’m going to go more in-depth about the early defenders I like. As with my keeper article, this will expand upon what I already posted in my first MLS article so take a look at both to get the full picture. CBI Kings When it comes to defenders, I don’t try …

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Most Important Stats of 2013

2015 Home & Away Rotations Weeks 1-18

Last month I posted some stats from the 2013 MLS season. Since then, I’ve done a little more work and I’m ready to talk what we can learn from this data. Specifically, I took a look to see which stats were most related to a player’s final total score. The idea was that by identifying the stats that contribute the most …

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KFC’s Fantasy MLS Defender picks – Week 7

If you got some great points from your defensive line this week, take a moment to thank Kansas City. If you did not have a great week, it’s understandable. Not many clean sheets and 2 of the 3 were unexpected. If you loaded up on SKC players though, it came with a price. They have a bye this week. Fortunately, …

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Fantasy MLS: Players to Watch – Defenders

A few days ago we posted our articles about Keepers to watch. Today we’re moving to defenders. Almost all of these defenders have transferred into the MLS this year. All of them have past performances that suggests they could do well in the MLS and for Fantasy MLS managers. Not all of them are starters, but those who do not …

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