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I’ve been trying to generate some Fantasy MLS Resources & Stats that can help people make choices for the games. As the Fantasy MLS season goes on, more data will be available to refine most several of out tables. So please keep checking back and feel free to contact us with suggestions.

League StandingsTeam Schedules

2016 Season Chart of Games, Byes, & DGWs

2017 MLS Fantasy Primer Download – In Progress– (PDF)

MLS 2016 Stat Tools Download – Coming Soon –  (Excel File)

Season Chart of Games, Bye Weeks, and Double Game Weeks

This chart is the full 2015 MLS schedule. Bold and uppercase formatting is used for a home game while lowercase formatting is used for away. Red Fill = Bye Week and Green Fill = Double Game Week. Below the chart, you will also see the dates for other competitions. Click on the chart for the larger image.

(Updated: 03/06/2016)

End of Season update with Open Cup and All-Star game (Updated: 07/18/2016)

That’s all for now. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.



  1. It’s a shame that these charts are not updated more regularly.

  2. I emailed you, but repeating here for the benefit of others. There is an error in the schedule posted: the GW6/7 home-and-home series NYCvPHI is in NYC in GW7; it is shown as home (caps) for PHI.

    • Thanks, I’ve made the change and it will be uploaded tonight (02/03/2015) around 6:00EST. It’s a capitalization error, but not bolded. The game is away.

  3. Also GW24 NYCvDC is @ NYC, your chart show both teams home

  4. RevolutionNation

    When will you post the home/away rotation for weeks 18-36?

  5. I’d just like to say thanks for making, creating, and updating these!

  6. How about the Season Chart of Games, Bye Weeks, and Double Game Weeks for 2016? PLease-very nice please… A lot of us at FantasyFootballFirst are relying on it.

  7. Hi Dashdar, when is the deadline for Roster completion, seems to be taking forever? Thx.

  8. Any chance of a 2016 MLS Primer?

  9. Any chance of a schedule update?

  10. Is there a site that contains a table of bonus points earned per each MLS player?

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