First Draft of the 2018 Fantasy Schedule

2018 Fantasy Schedule

Happy New Year MLS Fantasy Managers. The 2018 MLS season is just around the corner and I know all of you are ready to start creating for first teams. Before any of that can happen, we need a schedule and fortunately, the 2018 Regular Season Schedule dropped a few days ago. Unfortunately, game weeks rarely lineup with fantasy rounds. I’ve spent the past few days assembling my prediction of the 2018 Fantasy Schedule.

Fantasy Schedule DISCLAIMER

Now let me be perfectly clear. While I do contribute fantasy articles to, I have NO KNOWLEDGE of what the actual schedule will be when games kickoff on March 3rd. Also, I have no knowledge of any rules changes.

First Thoughts on the 2018 Fantasy Schedule

  • LAFC: The new kids on the block are going to spend the first several rounds on the road, and it’s not the easiest of schedules. Seattle, Atlanta and a big derby game all within the first 6 rounds. Fortunately, they have a couple of bye rounds in between to stay focused.
  • Year of the Bye Round: There is rarely a round that does not include at least 1 team on a bye. This is not unexpected since LAFC gives us an odd number of teams. Don’t get overwhelmed by all that pink, especially with unlimited transfers.
  • Wednesday is the new Friday: If you’re a fan of Wednesday games, then this is the season for you (and you’re a little crazy). Half of the game rounds appear to start on Wednesday this week. You can easily find these on the schedule by looking for the tan dates under the round number.
  • DGWs: The total number is similar to 2017 but the real fun starts near the end of the world cup.
  • Road Warriors: Toronto finally gets to have a season where they don’t spend the first dozen rounds on the road, but DC United gets the short end of the stick this year with one 2 home games over the first 19 rounds
  • More Rounds: The MLS season has been 34 rounds since 2011, but dropped to 33 in 2017. This season it looks like we may jump up to 35. One reason is the addition of LAFC. Another is a shorter break for the World Cup so some extra rounds got squeezed into the middle.
  • Short Stick: Having an odd number of teams also means that not every team will play in the final round of the season. This year it’s Real Salt Lake who wraps things up early. Is this good or bad? I don’t know. It’s something to keep in mind if you tend to forget to change your teams from time to time.
  • Double Duty: Minnesota United took a page from Atlanta United this year and have 3 double game weeks in a row. They are also the only team to have consecutive rounds with a DGW.


Now that all of this is out of the way, here’s the first draft of the 2017 Fantasy Season Schedule. As we get closer to March 3rd, I’ll make followup up posts for any changes or corrections. You can find the final draft will be posted in the Game Chart & Primer section. So stay tuned for updates and start getting excited!

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2018 Fantasy Schedule

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  1. Thanks for doing all the legwork, Boss! Are there any new rules this year that you’re aware of?

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