2017 Fantasy Schedule – Final Draft

2017 Fantasy Schedule

Several weeks ago I posted my first draft of the 2017 MLS season schedule. I’m happy to say that that schedule draft was almost 100% correct and there have been few changes since the first release. With the start of the season just around the corner, I thought it was time to update everything.


Now let me be perfectly clear. I have NO KNOWLEDGE of what or if there will be any additional changes before games kickoff on March 3rd.

Changes and Updates

  • Round 24 has been removed as there are only 33 this season
  • CLB and MTL had a new DGW added
  • Round 6 became a DGW
  • Round 7 lost some game to Round 6 and gained some Byes

I’ll make follow-up up posts to reflect any information we find out regarding the fantasy game or the inevitable adjustments that always happen to the schedule. Or if anyone notices any mistakes, please feel free to contact me on Twitter.

Stay tuned for updates! In the mean time, I hope you are getting close to the final draft of your team for the Opening Weekend Challenge!

2017 Fantasy Schedule – Final Draft

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