Game Week 7 Punts

Game Week 7 Punts

Hello friends. Welcome back to GW7 edition of player punts! I hope you all had a fantastic DGW6(Unless you Capt Valeri…). This week, I will be covering some great SGW options, and try and prepare you got DGW8 as well. Lets take a look at my point totals for DG6.

  • MacMath— 180 Min, 9 Pts
  • Bernardez—180 Min, 12 Pts
  • Taylor—180 Min, 4 Pts
  • Ouimette— 176 Min, 6 Pts
  • Powers—Scratch from both games with injury
  • Zusi—90 Min, 3 Pts. DNP 2nd game with Strep Throat.
  • Quintero—91 Min, 5 Pts
  • Wondolowski—180 Min, 18 Pts
  • Akindele—152 Min, 13 Pts
  • Gashi—152 Min, 10 Pts
  • Total—80 Points


We’re back to a SGW in GW7, but have a DGW in GW8 with MTL(nyc/COL), NE(POR/ORL), NYCFC(MTL/VAN), PDX(ne/TOR) ,SKC(van/LA) and VAN(SKC,nycfc). Byes this week are PDX & CHI(Byes in GW7/9/13). Enough rambling! Lets get to the punts!


  • Bush  (MTL – 5.6 Mil @ 9.6 % Ownership): There are no GK that I feel are good punts this week besides Bush at MTL. MTL have played 2 home games, have had 2 CS and are playing against TOR. This could go either way, but MTL also have a DGW in DGW8.


  • Watson(NER – 6.9 Mil @ 0.6 % Ownership): NE plays away to DC in GW7, then has 2 home games for DGW8 vs a Valeri-less PDX and ORL. Watson has produced 11 points in his 2 more recent games.
  • Hernandez(NYCFC – 6.5 Mil @ 1.6 % Ownership): I’d typically steer clear of ALL NYCFC defenders, but Hernandez intrigues me. He hasn’t missed a game this year(jinxed him) and has 2 home games in his DGW(MTL/VAN). You’re CS hunting in this pick and maybe looking for the odd GS.
  • Aird(VAN – 6.4 Mil @ 2.3 % Ownership): Vancouver’s defense has been pretty solid this year. Waston and Parker are on everyones radar. Aird is the sneaky, inexpensive way into VAN’s defense for their DGW8(SKC/la) games.


  • Nguyen (NER – 11.1 Mil @ 3.9 % Ownership): Nguyen, fresh off of his best game this season(9pts), plays DCU away, then has 2 home DGW(PDX/ORL{He scores 9 against ORL this past week}) He is a premium price, but can also produce.
  • Jones(COL – 8.2 Mil @ 0.9 % Ownership): I absolutely HATE this pick…With Power/Pappa out for 4-5 weeks, JJ will be playing a more attacking role. Buyer beware.
  • NYCFCI like T-Mac/Poku in mid. Not sure if there will be rotation, but I bet one of them goes off.


  • Drogba(MTL – 11.5 Mil @ 3.5 % Ownership): The old man is back! In true Drogba fashion, he scores a back heel goal in his first start this season. He is at a premium price, but WILL score goals.


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