2017 RD 14 Punts and Differentials

RD 14 Punts and Differentials

Welcome to Round 14 of my Punts and Differentials. This week we have CLB,DCU,HOU,NER,NYCFC.OCSC,RSL, and SEA with a DGW.


  • Johnson – NYFCF – 5.7 Mil @ 4.9 % Ownership: NYCFC play both DGW games at home VS NER & PHI. I can see 2 CS from the NYCFC squad.


  • Mensah– CLB – 5.5 Mil @ 1.0 % Ownership: CLB got blown out last week at TFC 5-0. I think this week will be a different story. CLB play SEA at home and away at COL. Both team will be missing major contributors, so I expect CLB to get at least 1 CS.
  • Dalamea – NER – 6.0 Mil @ 4.4 % Ownership: NER play away at NYCFC(I expect NYCFC to blow NER out), and then home vs a TFC squad who are without most of their playmakers. I can see a NER CS vs TFC.


  • Rivas– OCSC – 6.9 Mil @ 4.6 % Ownership: Rocket Rivas is a great sleeper pick this week. I can see him scoring or assisting this DGW since they play at home both games VS DCU & CHI. These 2 teams are absolutely horrible on the road.
  • Rusnak– RSL – 9.3 Mil @ 2.3 % Ownership: Rusnak and RSL play 2 away games this DGW. They play at HOU and then at FCD. Rusnak hasn’t been stellar on the road but the RSL attack are starting to click. He’s a good flyer this week.


  • Plata – RSL – 8.9 Mil @ 1.3 % Ownership  : Same reason as Rusnak. 

Other Punts and Differentials to Consider

  • FWD- Kamara NER, Manotas HOU
  • MID- Wallace NYCFC, Alonso SEA
  • DEF- Farrell NER, AJA OCSC
  • GK- Deric/Willis HOU(Whomever Starts)Give me a follow on twitter @JayMLSFI
  • What Punts or Differentials do you have in your lineup’s this week?

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  1. Isn’t Ruznak going to have to leave for Slovenia’s WC qualifiers.

    It appears you are a RSL fan. Hopefully, you can clear this up.


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