2017 Recommended Fantasy Leagues

Recommended Fantasy Leagues

One of the hardest fantasy decisions I have all year is not who to draft but which MLS Fantasy leagues will I join. We’re limited to 15 private leagues (total Classic and H2H) so it can be a tough decision, especially if you’re looking for tough competition or leagues that offer prizes.

To help make your decision easier, I’ve compiled a list of recommended fantasy leagues. There are new leagues popping up each day, so this is not a comprehensive list, but this will help give new and recurring layers a place to start.

Not all of these leagues offer prizes, but they are all run by well-respected organizations. So feel safe if they ask for info and at least be ready for fun. If you have your own league, or want an even longer list, head over to r/FantasyMLS and check out the private league recruitment and advertisement thread.

Be sure to check back to the recommended fantasy leagues section of MLSFB for any updates.

Remember, a $200 gift card will be awarded to the highest scoring team owners in leagues with 750 or more unique, eligible players before March 29, 2017 at 5:00PM ET.

Classic Recommended Fantasy Leagues

  • MLS Fantasy Boss League – 3-301 – Official classic league of MLSFantasyBoss.com
  • r/FantasyMLS Prize League – 3-302 – Come play with all your favorite Reddit buddies and win prizes!
  • MLSFI Public League – 3-303 – Come play with other listeners of the Only MLS Fantasy podcast.
  • Extra Time Radio (Prize Eligible) – 12-308 – The official league for the official MLS podcast!
  • This Week in MLS – 5-307 – Official league of Calen Carr’s Videocast
  • /r/MLS – 1197-845 – A very active MLS community on Reddit
  • Last Word on Sports – 7876-1621 – Free for all noobs welcome!
  • Football 247 League – 1543-573 – Great FPL site with MLS content and friends of the MLSFI Podcast
  • Fantasy Football First League – 557-398 – Great FPL site with MLS content and friends of the MLSFI Podcast
  • MLS Fantasy 4 Kidz League – Info link – A fun, family friendly, league to get your kids interested in MLS

Head 2 Head Recommended Fantasy Leagues

  • MLS Fantasy Boss Prize League3-305 – Go H2H against other MSFB fans and win prizes!
  • MLSFI Patreon League – Only available to our Patreon supporters. Click here for more information on how to join.
  • The Octagon with Mat Doyle (Prize Eligible) – 5-981 – Do you have what it takes to beat the Armchair Analyst?
  • /r/MLS – 1197-847 – Can you beat the best r/MLS has to offer?
  • Last Word on Sports – 7876-1622 – Come take on the LWOS writers
  • Fantasy Football First League – 557-399 – Great FPL site with MLS content and friends of the MLSFI Podcast

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Founder of MLS Fantasy Boss, moderator of /r/FantasyMLS, freelance contributing writer for fantasy.MLSsoccer.com. Passionate about all things MLS and growing the Fantasy MLS community.

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  1. Just commented on chat but didn’t want it to get lost. I honestly don’t mind not being in the Patreon league but still want to donate. Your podcasts make work a little better every week:

    Last year I donated $20 instead of Patreon since I wanted a lump sum instead of a monthly withdrawal. It ended up being a well worth it 20% of my winnings made off friends (I really do enjoy the podcast almost as much as winning). Is that still an option for giving something back? Do I need to up it to get in on the Patreon league?

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