2017 r/FantasyMLS Overall Fantasy MVP Results

2017 r/FantasyMLS Overall Fantasy MVP

For those who don’t get the chance to visit r/FantasyMLS often, OlderGoaler runs a poll twice a season to allow or community to vote for the MLS Fantasy MVP team. The first comes half way through the season for our mid-season MVP team and the final comes at the end of the year for our overall MVP team. Why should MLS get to have all the fun with their All-Star team voting? The only problem is that the traits that make a good All-Star, don’t always carry over to a great Fantasy player.

So the numbers have been tallied and I’m happy to present the results of who the r/FantasyMLS community believes are the 2017 Overall Fantasy MVP team.


2017 r/FantasyMLS Overall Fantasy MVP Results

I’ll start with the final results, because I know that is what what want to see, but if you keep reading below, you can see some on the interesting notes that OlderGoaler took from this survey and a link to the top results from each position.

Survey Notes

  • most votes overall with votes from 80 out of 100 voters: valeri
  • cheapest player with a high number of votes: cropper (second to melia for goalkeeper)
  • morrow just edges out both piatti and lee, who were tied, so we have our first 4-3-3 mvp lineup
  • niko and jmart tied for second forward slot behind villa
  • jmart crushed villalba in voting, despite jmart playing roughly 1200 mins less and villalba scoring roughly 50 points more (villalba might have been far more valuable if we still had limited transfers)
  • new mvp in toronto: both gio and jozy combined still have less votes than vaz does on his own
  • guzan and yoshi with a fair number of votes despite only playing partial season (ones to look out for next year certainly)
  • honourable mention with only 4 votes, but certainly valuable: smith

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