2017 Round 5 Punts and Differentials

Round 5 Punts and Differentials


Welcome to my Round 5 Punts and Differentials. Last week only had 3 games and most players were about the 5% ownership threshold, so I didn’t have any Punts/Differentials.

This week we have many big names back in training or injured. Gio, Plata, GDS are back with their teams. Piatti, Ciman, Quioto, Martinez and Benny are OUT.


  • Bava – CHI – 5.1 Mil @ 2.7 % Ownership


  • CHI plays at home vs a decimated MTL team. Piatti is out, Ciman is injured and MTL have only scored 3 goals total. CHI have a good chance of putting up a CS.
  • Meira – CHI – 5.5 Mil @ 1.8 % Ownership and has racked up the BP’s in the first 2 games of the season. The Fire were down to 10 men for most of the game vs ATL, thus the 1 pt performance. I expect him to return to form this week.
  • Hagglund – TFC – 5.0 Mil @ 0.7 % Ownership


  • TFC Defense has a great shot at a CS this week. It is their home opener, they are getting Gio back, and the 3 headed monster of Gio/Jozy/Bradley looks to be fully fit and healthy. I can see TFC not only getting a CS but racking up the BP’s vs a SKC team that is without Benny, Espinoza and possibly Zusi.
  • Higuain – CLB – 9.7 Mil @ 4.4 % Ownership
  • Pipa has played 90 minutes in the past 4 games and has tallied 23 pts(5.75 PPG). CLB are running on all cylinders right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
  • Rusnak – RSL – 9.0 Mil @ 2.3 % Ownership


  • We all know the drill by now. Load up on any offensive players that are playing against MNUFC. I am hoping for Rusnak to have a breakout game. I think he is definitely worth the gamble this week.
  • Accam/Niko – CHI – 9.4 Mil @ 1.9/1.5 % Ownership 

Other Round 5 Punts and Differentials to Consider

  • As I mentoned earlier, I think CHI put up goals this week vs a MTL defense that is without Ciman. I think either of these picks would suffice if you’re looking for a differential.
  • FWD- Lennon – RSL
  • MID- Acosta – DCU, Blanco – PDX
  • DEF- Fabinho – PHI , Vincent – CHI
  • GK- Irwin/Bono – TFC

What are your Punts/Differentials this week?

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