2018 MLS Fantasy Primer

Fantasy Primer

I remember what it was like during my first MLS Fantasy season. I had no idea who anybody was, how the game worked, or what to expect from any team. So back in 2015 I decided that new MLS Fantasy fans needed something else to help them navigate the fantasy game. I felt a resource was needed that could give players quick access to past information. Specifically, one that would allow managers to make better decisions when crafting their first team.

The main framework came from many of the Fantasy NFL documents that can be found on the web. After a lot of trial and error, the Fantasy Primer was born. Now, the trail and error still remains, but the MLSFB Fantasy Primer has contributors from many different areas ranging from Fantasy fans to soccer journalists.

Using the stats from 2017, the transfer information for 2018, some standard MLSFB charts, and the help of a team of MLS Fantasy Experts, I’m excited to be able to release the 2018 MLS Fantasy Primer today!

If you want some supplemental information , be sure to check out all of the Fantasy Primer Team Preview articles that have already been released this year.

Some information has changed since parts of the Fantasy Primer were finalized (such as promising new players), so keep checking back for any Fantasy Primer addendums that may come out before the season starts.


2018 MLS Fantasy Primer

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  1. Note on the Fantasy Primer: Page 13, Top 5 Keeps has Robles listed as NYC. This is blasphemy, for either team. 🤪

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