2019 Round 23 Captain’s Conundrum

Round 23’s captain rankings are here. This list is dominated by NYCFC players who have a double game week along with Houston Dynamo. No Dynamo player makes the list due to their bad run of form and 2 away games this week.

1) Maxi Moralez

Expected to be the most popular captain pick this week, Moralez is a force to be reckoned with in fantasy and in reality. He has a tasty fixture at home against a Houston Dynamo team that has looked completely out of touch in the last 2 games. The second match though is away against Atlanta United who’ve kept 3 clean sheets in their last 3 home games. Atlanta United has 3 games in the next 7 days so they might rotate so it’s all down to whether Maxi will start in both games or not.

2) Carlos Vela

A fantasy powerhouse and a Captain’s Conundrum regular, Vela finds himself at 2nd and not 1st just because of one game this week. As good as the Red Bulls might be, I simply cannot ignore someone who has averaged 17.5 points in his last 4 games at home. Vela not having a good game is very rare, even more, when it’s at home.

3) Héber Araujo dos Santos

Héber has been a constant name on the scoresheet and has 7 goals and 1 assist in his last 6 games. He is your best bet for goals amongst NYCFC players and has a great opportunity to have a big game week against a struggling Houston Dynamo and an Atlanta United team that played an extra midweek game in the US Open Cup.

4) Alexander Ring

Usually seen as a floor player, Ring has displayed his potential ceiling with 16 points (1 goal + 2 assists) and 9 points (1 goal) in the last 2 games. Guaranteed to start in both games, Ring provides a decent floor with a potentially high ceiling. It has been a great run for Ring but it would still be wrong to bet on his offensive capabilities. It’s a big risk to captain him but it could pay off if it all goes according to plan.

5) Alejandro Pozuelo

Pozuelo has been inconsistent recently but could get things back on track again with a game at home against Orlando City. Orlando has been a mixed bag with good performances followed with equally disappointing ones. It’s now or never for Toronto to secure a playoff spot and Pozuelo has to lead this team with his performances if Toronto is to find success.

Projected points by Dummy Run (@thedummyrun) on Twitter.

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