2023 Round 14 DiffeRANCHals

Every week, I’m going to go over my suggestions from last week, and determine if they were a good or bad pick based on position and points. To describe in detail the ranking system here is the metric: bust = 4 or fewer points (or not starting/on the bench), average = 5-6 points, good = 7-8 points, great = 9+ points. Players not available for selection I am disregarding and not counting as a positive or negative in the article.

  • Donovan Pines – Great! (17 points)
  • Deandre Yedlin – Bust (6 points)
  • Connor Ronan – Great! (14 points)
  • Timothy Tillman – Bust (6 points)
  • Pablo Ruiz – Average (8 points)
  • Josef Martinez – Bust (6 points)
  • Ercan Kara – Great! (18 points)

DGW Scoring: Bust = 6 or fewer, Average = 7-9, Good = 10-12, Great = 13+

Week 13 Final Results: 3 Great, 1 Average, 3 Busts

2023 Full Season Results: 13 Great, 8 Good, 11 Average, 33 Bust


Welcome to a special edition of the diffeRANCHals article! This week, I am testing my limits to sell a player to you, the reader. I will be doing this by limiting myself to only 20 words per description of a player. If I cannot convince you to take a player in under 20 words, what is the point in trying to convince you in the first place? Let’s see if you agree with any of the picks!

Paul Marie, $6.7m (San Jose Defender)

Shoot for the moon against a Dallas attack missing Lletget and Arriola. Ceiling over floor.

Claudio Bravo, $7.7m (Portland Defender)

Bonus points, assist potential, goal potential, and against a poor offense. On the road? Doesn’t matter too much.

Xerdian Shaqiri, $7.8m (Chicago Midfielder)

CLR convinced me that Shaq can do well. Chicago has only been shut out three times all year.

Santiago Rodrigues, $9.0m (NYCFC Midfielder)

NYCFC is at home, which means Santi usually scores well. Oh, also set pieces.

Nicholas Gioacchini, $6.8m (St. Louis Forward)

Klauss is out. Ride the hot hand against a struggling Vancouver defense.

Jeremy Ebobisse, $9.2m (San Jose Forward)

Gut feeling. Good opportunity at home against a weakened Dallas defense – possibly missing Paes.


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