2023 Round 3 DiffeRANCHals

Every week, I’m going to go over my suggestions from last week, and determine if they were a good or bad pick based on position and points. To describe in detail the ranking system here is the metric: bust = 4 or fewer points (or not starting/on the bench), average = 5-6 points, good = 7-8 points, great = 9+ points. Players not available for selection I am disregarding and not counting as a positive or negative in the article.

Full 2022 Season Results: 22 Great, 25 Goods, 25 Average, 65 Busts


  • Robert Voloder – Great! (9 points)
  • Zan Kolmanic – Great! (10 points)
  • Maikel Chang – Bust (1 point)
  • Mateusz Klich – Average (5 points)
  • Giacomo Vrioni – Bust (1 point)
  • Dejan Joveljic – Good (7 points)

Week 2 Final Results: 4 Great, 4 Good, 1 Average, 5 Bust

Hello and welcome to week three of the diffeRANCHals! We are off to a soaring start with only 5 busts through our first 14 picks! Let’s hope to continue the trend this week while CCL games are being played. The teams playing in CCL this week, therefore having a DGW, are Vancouver, LAFC, Austin, Orlando, and Philly. I would suggest targeting players against those teams if you choose to make your own differential picks. Let’s get into the picks!


DeJuan Jones, $7.0m (New England Defender)

The popular pick here will be Brandon Bye. His partner in crime, Jones, has been overshadowed, but performing just as well as Bye. Jones has 20 points through his first two games of the season, and is looking to continue his success traveling to the Banc to play LAFC. As I stated earlier, LAFC just played in a CCL game – on the road to Costa Rica. I am predicting tired legs from LAFC given that it is the beginning of the season and they played a strong 90 minutes in a different climate. This plays into Jones’ (and New England’s) favor, looking for a clean sheet on the road.

Bryan Oviedo, $5.8m (RSL Defender)

RSL welcomes Austin FC to America First Field on Saturday and there are at least three things going for RSL. First off, Austin played a CCL game in Honduras midweek, which ended in a 0-3 loss. Secondly, RSL’s stadium is at elevation, giving them the advantage. Lastly, this will be RSL’s first home game of the season, with a lot to prove. I believe that RSL has what it takes in them to produce a clean sheet against a struggling Austin offense. Oviedo is my pick this week solely because he also is involved in the attack, which I am hoping results in at least an assist.

Cole Bassett, $7.3m (Colorado Midfielder)

Cole Bassett is my off-the-wall pick of the week. He plays as the number ten for a Colorado team that is struggling offensively. During these struggles, however, Cole is still producing fantasy-wise. Bassett currently has six bonus points in the first two weeks of play, most of them coming from key passes or big chances created. With San Jose potentially missing their Brazilian goalkeeper, Daniel, for this match, Colorado may produce a goal or two. 

Eryk Williamson, $7.1m (Portland Midfielder)

As good as St. Louis has looked offensively, they have looked just as bad defensively. Portland hasn’t done much to impress me on either side of the pitch, but I am predicting that this game is a shootout! I could see this game ending either 3-2 or 4-3 with either team coming out on top. Being involved in the goals will likely be Evander, Lowen, Klauss, Niezgoda, and hopefully Williamson. Williamson plays as a support role off the right wing, but is known to move forward as Diego Chara plays more defensively. This matchup will be a great opportunity for Williamson to get on the scoresheet for the first time this season.

Daniel Salloi, $7.7m (SKC Forward)

Welcome to the part of the article where I just pick a random name out of a hat and hope that it sticks. I have struggled with forward picks since I started writing the diffeRANCHals article, and likely will continue. Beware as you venture forward! Today’s first highlighted forward is Daniel Salloi. Sporting are entering Saturday with their first home game of the season against a Galaxy side who just gave up three goals to Dallas. That is good news for both SKC and Salloi as he strives to produce goals for them. Additionally, Salloi leads the team with 9 shots (tied with Thommy). If you want a shot-happy forward who is determined to score a goal, Salloi is your guy!

Darren Yapi, $6.6m (Colorado Forward)

It feels really weird picking two Colorado players in the diffeRANCHals article even though I have faith that San Jose will remain competitive. I am rolling the dice on Yapi, as he is the only forward for Colorado since Diego Rubio has gotten injured. On one side of the coin, Colorado has yet to score a goal with Rubio not being available in their last 10 games played. On the other side of the coin, that streak has to break at some point! I have a feeling that this game against San Jose is their ticket to move forward.

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