2024 Discord Player Rankings: Round 8

The MLS Fantasy Boss Discord community is not only a fun place to get fantasy advice, it’s also a community that includes many of the top players of the official MLS Fantasy game. But how well would this community perform if asked to rank the top MLS fantasy options, for each position, each week?! Well that’s exactly what I’ve asked them to do and here’s what they said.

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Round 8 Player Rankings

Only players with at least 20% of total votes displayed


  1. Carlos Coronel – NYRB vs CHI
  2. Kristijan Kahlina – CLT vs TFC
  3. Roman Burki – STL vs ATX
  4. Alex Bono – DCU vs ORL
  5. Dayne St. Clair – MIN vs HOU
  6. Matthew Freese – NYC vs NER


  1. Brooks Lennon – ATL vs PHI
  2. Tim Parker – STL vs ATX
  3. Adilson Malanda – CLT vs TFC
  4. Sean Nealis – NYRB vs CHI
  5. Jere Uronen – CLT vs TFC
  6. Andrew Privett – CLT vs TFC
  7. John Tolkin – NYRB vs CHI
  8. Aaron Herrera – DCU vs ORL
  9. Thiago Martins – NYC vs NER


  1. Evander – POR vs LAFC
  2. Emil Forsberg – NYRB vs CHI
  3. Cristian Espinoza – SJE vs COL
  4. Santiago Rodríguez – NYC vs NER
  5. Ryan Gauld – VAN vs LAG
  6. Thiago Almada – ATL vs PHI
  7. Lewis Morgan – NYRB vs CHI
  8. Luciano Acosta – CIN @ MTL
  9. Riqui Puig – LAG @ VAN
  10. Sebastian Driussi – ATX @ STL


  1. Cristian Arango – RSL vs CLB
  2. Denis Bouanga – LAFC @ POR
  3. Lionel Messi – MIA @ SKC
  4. Christian Benteke – DCU vs ORL
  5. Dante Vanzeir – NYRB vs CHI
  6. Joao Klauss – STL vs ATX
  7. Giorgos Giakoumakis – ATL vs PHI
  8. Brian White – VAN vs LAG


  1. Cristian Arango – RSL vs CLB
  2. Lionel Messi – MIA @ SKC
  3. Evander – POR vs LAFC

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