Game Week 19 Punts


Last Weeks Recap

-GK-Clark=7 pts

-DEF-Zavaleta=2 pts

-MID-Diaz=14 pts

-FWD-Grella=2 pts

-GW 19 Punts-

-GK-Kennedy-FCD-4.9Mil @ 2.5% Ownership

Playing a Kaka-less OCSC….what attacking power do they have? Seems like a great CS option for me.

-DEF-Oyongo-MTL-6.1Mil @ 0.5% Ownership

There are other options in MTL defense(Toia @ 4.8 with 11.8% Ownership), but if your looking for a differential, this could be it.

-MID-Lampard-NYCFC-8.0Mil @ 0.0% Ownership

🙂 He will be added later today! At 8.0mil….hes a must have

-FWD-Magee-CHI-8.0Mil @ 0.6% Ownership(From THEBOWTIE1019)

Wait who is this guy???!!! He baaacccckkkk!!! Just a fun punt to throw in there!

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