Best XI 2017 – Potential Round 4 Dream Team

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Previous Result

The value mids didn’t bring in the results one would have hoped for, but they did well enough for the price point.  Villa disappointed compared to other forwards, but Larin was well worth the investment.

The lineup was solid, yet disappointing for the value game.

Total Score: 84

Average: 58 (+26)

Highest: 114 (-30)

Value Increase: $0.5 (Could have been better)


  • Goalkeeper – Cropper  $4.0 NE: Your GK options this week are rough. Robles has the best potential for a clean sheet, but won’t face many shots.  His price is a major deterrent though. So this week it’s Cropper. He’s the cheapest option and MNU aren’t proven yet.
  • Defender – Long $5.1 NYRB: You can’t go wrong with one of the better CBs all season, especially when considering RSL’s absences.
  • Defender – Zizzo $4.7 NYRB: Another Red Bull defender that is too good to pass up.  If RSL fail to hold possession, Zizzo should get a lot of opportunities going forward.
  • Defender – Smith $3.9 LA: LA is off and Smith is the cheapest defender in the game. Run a switheroo here.
  • Midfielder – Valeri $10.3 POR: It’s hard to say no to Valeri.
  • Midfielder – Nguyen $9.6 NE: Looks like he’s on PKs and facing a weak  defense.  He’s arguably the second best premium mid this round.
  • Midfielder – Trapp $7.0 CLB: He’s the best option with the money left over. Maybe Caldwell edges him out, but his bonus points against POR should be  enough to make him worth including.
  • Midfielder – Royer $7.5 NYRB: Royer has done well going forward, but without Kljestan, he could be the focal point.
  • Forward – O Kamara $10.3 CLB: Really going with home game here. Portland struggles on the road, so look for Kamara to get his chances.
  • Forward – K Kamara $9.4 NE: MNU’s defense has been abysmal so it’s hard not to include strikers facing them.  There is a huge potential for multiple goals for the big man up front.
  • Forward – Wright-Phillips  $10.0 NYRB: BWP is not a top three striker this week except for the fact that RSL is gutted on defense.  Without Beckerman to shield them, it could get ugly quickly.

Subtotal: $81.8


  • Goalkeeper – Cleveland $4.0 CHI
  • Defender – Tierney $5.4 NE – Look for at least 5 points to keep him in. A clean sheet or assist would be the best outcome.
  • Defender – Powell $4.9 POR – If NYRB concede, throw him in for Smith.
  • Midfielder – Pomykal $3.9 DAL

Subtotal: $18.2

Total: $100

With only six teams playing and several stars playing internationally, the options are very limited. This lineup is banking on the regulars getting or exceeding their usual  points to make it through.  There are several speculative picks that could pay off big with the way the rosters have played out.


This week is a total toss-up. Any of the forwards could have a good game, but Valeri has been so steady. This is all about boom or bust, so it’s Kei Kamara with the armband hoping for multiple goals against a struggling Minnesota defense.

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