Best XI 2017 – Potential Round 6 Dream Team

Best XI 2017 - Potential Round 6 Dream Team

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Previous Result

RSL failed to come through and Wallace didn’t live up to the hype which hurt. The real kicker was the lack of offensive firepower during a weekend filled with goals. Just 8 points from two strikers can kill any dream team.

Total Score: 75

Average: 51 (+24)

Highest: 105 (-30)

Value Increase: $0.3 (that hurt)


  • Goalkeeper – Melia  $5.7 SKC: The current leading scorer at keeper has three clean sheets to his name already. Expect a fourth against Colorado’s lackluster offense.
  • Defender – Medranda $5.2 SKC: He’s the top defender in the game right now and he’s playing OOP. Another clean sheet and attacking BPs make him a must have.
  • Defender – Opara $5.3 SKC: SKC’s defense has been so strong it’s hard not to load up. Opara has been at the heart of it and deserves this spot.
  • Defender – Sinovic $5.1 SKC: Why not just sell out completely on SKC? Sinovic isn’t flashy, but his price is too good not to include.
  • Midfielder – Schweinsteiger $9.1 CHI: Schweinsteiger surprised many with his debut goal, but Chicago are on a roll and he made them look even better. He’s worth taking at home.
  • Midfielder – Alessandrini $9.4 LA: Most players won’t replicate a week like Alessandrini just had and it’s not advisable to go chasing last week’s surprising stars, but Montreal is a mess. This match is a great chance for LA to right the ship.
  • Midfielder – Nguyen $10.0 NE: Nguyen is our only truly premium forward this week. He edges Valeri with the home game. New England are looking more dangerous with the diamond and an improved defense. Expect more production.
  • Midfielder – Alex $7.7 HOU: As long as Houston keep scoring, Alex will get his bonus points.  For the price, he’s hard to beat. His matchup is slightly better than Rodney Wallace’s to take this spot.
  • Midfielder – Godoy $7.3 SJ: Bonus point alert. Seattle will have to play through Godoy to get anything going.  He should clean up on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Forward – Torres $8.7 HOU: At this price, Cubo is a steal.  If he can keep up the production, he’s going to be the best striker this season.
  • Forward – Villa $10.3 NYC: A rare road game inclusion at forward, Villa can tear up DC.  DC have looked bad, so this makes sense.


  • Goalkeeper – Diop $3.9 LA
  • Defender – Onyewu $4.5 PHI
  • Defender – Farfan $4.1 POR
  • Forward – Wright $4.0 NE

Total Value: $100

It’s all in on SKC’s defense, but who can blame any manager for taking those odds.  SKC have given up just 1 goal in 360 minutes. The midfield is stacked with lots of potential and it takes a lot of luck to predict the dream team. Ignoring Valeri could be a huge boost if he tanks on the road.


Good luck picking a captain this week.  The best options are on the road which makes this a tough decision.  Since this piece pushing the boom or bust style, Cubo Torres gets the armband. Don’t expect a second hat trick, but a brace isn’t out of the question.

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  1. Hi, I think that the Team might score nice points in coming GW.
    Why in the potential Best XI, you didn’t put any player from FC Dallas? Due to possible rotation in the Team after CCL match against Pachuca? Maybe Acosta should be in the Team or any defender, as they will play at home vs Minnesota.
    Thanks and nice points this round.
    Best regards,

    • I wrote this before the announcement that it is Urruti’s 100th cap. I think they will have a good week, but I liked these two forwards more. I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking Urruti over Torres.

      As for Acosta and the rest, I think they could do well, but I’m worried about rotation and price. Acosta is about the only viable one this week given his price and he’s in my personal squad. Plus, with only two games, it’s hard to get a good read on FCD.

      • Thanks for the comments. It will be very interesting GW and see whether FCD will have a good result and who will be the best player from the team.
        Anyway, my Team:

        (G) Melia
        (D) Zavaleta – Medranda – Lima
        (M) Valeria – Alex – Alessandrini – Godoy
        (F) Urruti (C) – Larin – Torres

        Bench: Cropper – Laba – 2 cheap defs

        All the best in this round.

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