Best XI Predicitons 2018 Round 1

Fantasy MLS is back in 2018 and so is our Best XI Predictions. In this segment, we attempt to discern the best Starting XI possible for MLS Fantasy within a few constraints. We’ll only be using a $100m cap this season, or two seasons with Spring and Fall. The new “autoroo” will be used frequently as well to give us the higher of two scores off the bench.


  • Goalkeeper – Tarbell $5.0 SJ
  • Defender – de Jong $5.0 VAN
  • Defender – Lima $5.5 SJ
  • Defender – Marshall $5.5 SEA
  • Midfielder – Lodeiro $11.0 SEA
  • Midfielder – Alessandrini $11.0 LA
  • Midfielder – Accam $10.0 PHI
  • Midfielder – Herbers $6.5 PHI
  • Forward – Giovinco $11.0 TFC
  • Forward – Bruin $7.0 SEA
  • Forward – Jackson $4.0 COL (Autoroo)


  • Goalkeeper – Horwath $4.0 RSL
  • Defender – Salinas $5.0 SJ
  • Defender – Maund $4.5 VAN
  • Midfielder – Mueller $4.5 ORL

Total Value: $95.5

Week 1 is always rough. Will goals be plentiful or will the trend of fewer goals continue? This lineup takes advantage of several good matchups. The defense is chosen largely because the opponents struggled to score goals in 2017.

The attacking core here is full of familiar names playing in good matchups. It can be expected that these players will come out strong to start the season. Herbers is a likely starter this week after a suspension was handed to Piccault.

We’re using our first autoroo in Round 1. Jackson is the placeholder to get the highest score between Shea Salinas, Aaron Maund, and Chris Mueller. All three could start and could be the best choice, so let’s let MLS Fantasy auto decide who we get.


There are so many good options this week, but the safe option is Nico Lodeiro against LAFC. Seattle has played twice already in Concacaf Champions League play and is on a roll. When a cohesive team is against the MSL debutants, it’s hard not to take their playmaker.

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