Best XI Prediction 2017 – Round 20

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Best XI Predictions 2017 – Round 17

  • Goalkeeper – Robles$6.1 NYRB: With no Frei, NYRB are you best clean sheet defense of the round. A shutout against SJ would be ideal.
  • Defender – Long$5.4 NYRB: Speaking of NYRB defense, Long is the must own from this squad.
  • Defender – Callens $5.2 NYC: It’s a double home week for Callens. His matchups might not be great, but the price is.  He also can add a bit going forward.
  • Defender – Duvall $4.6 MTL:  MTL has the double home game as well. Duvall should get 180 and bring a decent return for his price.
  • Midfielder – Dzemaili $9.0 MTL: With out without Piatti, who might play the second game, Dzemaili is a force to be reckoned with.  The offense is running through him a lot right now.
  • Midfielder – Moralez $9.5 NYC: Moralez is healthy just in the time for the DGW. Don’t sleep on him this week.
  • Midfielder – Vazquez $9.2 TFC: This was Lodeiro’s spot, but all the absences spell doom for Seattle. So Vazquez gets the call with the DGW. No Bradley or Jozy means lots of chances for Vazquez.
  • Midfielder – Valeri $10.9 POR: The no brainer pick this week. Valeri is home against RSL and at Vancouver. Look for a score in the teens, if not 20s here.
  • Midfielder – Techera$7.8 VAN: This is a gut reaction pick, but it’s one that will pay off. Techera is on set pieces and scoring from them.  A game in LA and home Cascadia rivalry versus Portland should mean lots of points. Expect a dream team performance here.
  • Forward – Villa $11.5 NYC: Two home games. What more needs to be said?
  • Forward – Giovinco $12.9 CHI: A DGW without Jozy. This should equate to goals.


  • Goalkeeper – Brown $4.0 HOU
  • Defender – Guillen $3.7 DAL
  • Defender – Lade $4.7 NYRB
  • Forward- Edwards $3.9 TFC

Total Value: $108.4

It’s all about the DGW this round. Bank on your proven players and hope for goals.


Villa is on a double home game and TFC is missing 8 players. It’s worth looking at him here. The only other option is Giovinco, but NYC and COL have strong enough defenses, that he may get shut down.

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