Best XI Predictions 2017 – Round 11

Best XI Predictions 2017 - Round 11

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Previous Result

Round 10 was a huge success despite several missed along the way.  NYRB vastly underperformed but the combo of Jozy and Giovinco was fundamental to this team. Feilhaber snagging 17 was huge.  Overall, this was a great round, but would have benefitted from a TFC defender.

Total Score: 120

Average: 75 (+45)

Highest: 139 (-19)


  • Goalkeeper – Steffen  $4.8 CLB: There are three DGW keepers to consider. Steffen, Bono, and Irwin. TFC could likely rotate so go with the guy getting two games.
  • Defender – Jungwirth $6.1 SJ: This guy is doing it all. It doesn’t matter that he has a road game and is only a SGW player, he’s worth taking for this matchup .
  • Defender – Zavaleta $5.1 TFC: Zavaleta didn’t travel for the second game of the DGW. Hopefully this means he plays twice.
  • Defender – Beitashour $5.3 TFC: Like Zavaleta, Beitashour  didn’t travel. He’s likely to get 180.
  • Defender – Smith $3.8 LA: Switcheroo Candidate
  • Midfielder – Bradley $9.1 TFC: Bradley got 12 in the last DGW and a game against MNU will likely see his point total increase. There is little risk of rotation here.
  • Midfielder – Meram $9.9 CLB: While he’s a slight rotation risk, it’s more likely he see’s 60 minutes in both games, but that’s enough time for Meram to get work done.
  • Midfielder – Trapp $7.1 CLB: Trapp has been steady as a CDM all year and a decent fantasy option. He’s likely going to slip under the radar for many star-struck managers, but his production shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Midfielder – Nguyen $10.1 NE: New England have one of the most enticing matchups this round.  RSL is a mess and they can capitalize.  Manager’s can’t fill a team with DGWs so here’s one of the best SGW options.
  • Forward – Giovinco $12.5 TFC: He’s Giovinco on a double. Even though he missed a game last round, he was still worth the inclussion.
  • Forward – Kamara $10.3 CLB: He’s not a likely rotation candidate with his style of play. It’s hard to ignore a striker like this with 180 minutes to grab a few goals.


  • Goalkeeper – Brown $4.0 HOU
  • Defender – Redding $4.2 ORL – Here’s your manual sub. Watch the Orlando lineup and the MTL score closely.  Montreal will likely be playing when this switch has to be determined.
  • Midfielder – Tabla $3.9 MTL – First Sub. If he does well or Redding isn’t in the lineup, take his score.
  • Forward – Reynolds $4.0 DAL

Total Value: $99.9

It’s a two team DGW and that means 8 DGW starters.  It wasn’t clear at first if this was the best route, but playing the numbers and looking for likely 150-180 minute players justifies the decisions.  All 8 are decent point producers so it works out well.


Giovinco  is on a double game week again, what more needs to be said?

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