Best XI Predictions 2017 – Round 13

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Previous Result

146 with three midfielders are 5 points was quite the achievement.  This squad performed as well as can be expected at the $100 budget.  This team would have won most H2H matches and likely would have seen green arrows in most leagues.

Total Score: 146

Average: 86 (+60)

Highest: 175 (-29)


  • Goalkeeper – Gonzalez $4.8 DAL: Gonzalez appears to have the starting roll locked down. For this DGW he’s the clear choice.
  • Defender – Hedges $7.1DAL: While a slight rotation risk, it’s worth it for one of the best defenders in the league on a DGW.
  • Defender – Parker $5.1 VAN: Vancouver isn’t flashy, but they are a solid team. Facing DC at home should be any easy match to pick up a clean sheet.
  • Defender – Harvey $4.7 VAN: If you take one Vancouver defender, you might as well take a second.
  • Midfielder – Lodeiro $11.5SEA: Portland are comically bad on the road right now (4-1 loss to Montreal). Without Chara, expect Lodeiro to run the show against Portland in this rivalry match.
  • Midfielder – Techera $7.6 VAN: DC is bad and Techera is due for a monster game. When he gets two goals, you heard it here first.  In all seriousness, he will pick up the slack for Laba and should get decent numbers even without a goal.
  • Midfielder – Almiron $9.5 ATL: He’s at home facing a decent NYC defense, but he should still do well enough to earn his spot.
  • Midfielder – Acosta $7.2 DAL: Acosta has been the best midfielder for Dallas so far this season. At this price with a DGW, what’s not to like?
  • Midfielder – Molino $10.1 MNU: Maybe a bit overhyped last week, Molino should put up decent numbers at home against Orlando. Orlando is a strong team, but they have struggled a bit on the road and even more since Kaka returned.
  • Forward – Villa $10.9 NYC: Despite a road game, Villa is still one of the best for the round. Atlanta’s defense shouldn’t scare many managers away.
  • Forward – Urruti $9.0 DAL: A DGW for Dallas’ strongest goal threat. At this price, he’s a great investment.


  • Goalkeeper – Brown $4.0 HOU
  • Defender – Dunk $3.9 RSL
  • Defender – Smith $3.8 LA
  • Forward – Edwards $3.9 TFC

Total Value: $103.1

Despite the rotation risk, it’s still not a bad idea to stock up on Dallas players for the DGW. If the rotate in the first game, every single one of these players can have a great second game against Houston so this isn’t a terribly risky strategy.  Hedges at the price might be a bit steep, but the rest would be viable in a SGW setting.

The rest of the lineup is fairly straightforward. Vancouver should run over DC and the midfielders are the headliner playmakers fans know.


Picking a DGW captain is the unwritten rule of double game weeks, but this week there isn’t a clear 180 minute player worth the armband. Instead the armband goes to Lodeiro who should be able to hit double digits against Portland.

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