Best XI Predictions 2017 – Round 17

Best XI Predictions 2017 - Round 17Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Best XI Predictions 2017 – Round 17

  • Goalkeeper – Kann $4.4 ATL: Kann is a cheap DGW option that saves money for other positions. His inclusion could pay off big in the back, but will pay off more going forward.
  • Defender – Van Damme $6.0 LA: A decent CS potential for the DGW here. Going all in.
  • Defender – Cole $5.5 LA: The second of the all in defense
  • Defender – Romney $5.2 LA: Finally finishing off the all in with the cheapest option.
  • Midfielder – Valeri $10.7 POR: Valeri is still one of the best options and playing a DGW. The game at Minnesota might be challenging and a home match against Seattle is definitely a test, but this should bring out the best in him.
  • Midfielder – Almiron $9.7 ATL: Almiron’s value is only going up as Martinez gets more minutes.  He’s an obvious inclussion for hte DGW
  • Midfielder – Alessandrini $10.3 LA: Alessandrini is a potential MVP candidate on a great DGW. Can’t pass him up.
  • Midfielder – Molino $10.1 MNU: A pair of games ending with a home match against Vancouver, yes please.
  • Forward – Villalba $9.9 ATL: Villalba has the potential for a monster round. He’s worth the risk.
  • Forward – Ramirez $7.9 MNU: Ramirez has a ton of upside an the price to take the gamble. With two games, he should hit double digits.
  • Forward – Adi $9.7 POR: Portland is still a strong offensive team. Expect Adi to get a goal or two on the DGW.


  • Goalkeeper – Brown $4.0 HOU
  • Defender – Guillen $3.7 DAL
  • Defender – Schmidt $3.7 RSL
  • Midfielder – Ibson $6.7 MNU

Total Value: $107.7

It’s a double game week and that means hunting lots of points. The LA defense hasn’t been stellar, but they are a solid team.  Colorado can be shut out and SKC is struggling to find goals on the road.  The midfielders are the usual cast and the forwards are opportunistic picks.


This is a tough choice, but Almiron rises to the top.  The DGW and the potential of having Martinez back really opens up his potential.

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