Best XI Predictions 2017 – Round 7

Best XI 2017 - Potential Round 7 Dream Team

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.


Previous Result

Missing the SKC clean sheet really hurt, but having Sinovic was a huge boost.  The score isn’t bad, but there was a lot of missed potential in the round. Several key positions under performed.

Total Score: 70

Average: 56 (+14)

Highest: 106 (-36)

Round 7 Starters

  • Goalkeeper – Kann  $4.8 ATL: Sure it’s a road game, but Montreal have been terrible. This matchup has a decent chance for a clean sheet and the price is right.
  • Defender – Storm $4.0 SKC: Here’s the switcheroo candidate. If HOU and Anibaba get the clean sheet take the auto sub, if not, give Medranda a go.
  • Defender – Long $5.2 NYRB: Long has been a steady starter this season, but has fallen off a little bit recently. Look for a turnaround against DC
  • Defender – Redding $4.5 ORL: Orlando has really improved their defense.  There’s no guarantees of a great result against LA, but at this price, it’s worth the risk.
  • Midfielder – Valeri $10.4 POR: This pick is risky, but SKC have been bailed out by great saves and poor attempts multiple times this year. Valeri at home should be able to unlock that defense.
  • Midfielder – Almiron $9.3 ATL: Atlanta is going to Montreal and should control the game. When they do, Almiron is getting big points.
  • Midfielder – Kljestan $10.1 NYRB: Kljestan hasn’t been a huge feature so far, but a game against DC is just what he needs to get going.
  • Midfielder – Alex $7.6 HOU: Alex is still pulling strings in the midfield and a game against Minnesota could turn into big points. He’s arguably a must have this round.
  • Midfielder – Godoy $7.3 SJ: By now, it’s apparent that Godoy is a mainstay in these lineups. His bonus points keep racking up and he’s the most efficient use for money in the midfield.
  • Forward – Torres $8.6 HOU: Coming off a down week, Cubo should bounce back against Minnesota. He’s a must own.
  • Forward – Villa $10.4 NYC: Twice in a row on the road, but this time in Philly. Maybe a stretch pick, but Philly have been exposed.


  • Goalkeeper – Diop $4.0 LA
  • Defender – Anibaba $4.4 HOU
  • Defender – Medranda $5.3 SKC
  • Forward – Wright $4.0 NE

Total Value: $99.9

With no clear clean sheet chances and a lot of good options, it’s tough to narrow this selection down.  Diversity and proven players rule the day however. This lineup takes a modest approach and some steady performers to try and survive a tough round with hopes of really lighting in up.


Cubo Torres. Is there any other option? Unless you have a lot of faith in Kljestan or expect SKC’s defense to fall flat, there isn’t a better home matchup this week. Villa and Almiron on the road are tempting, but home matchups are the way to go.

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