Best XI Predictions 2017 – Round 8 DGW

Fantasy MLS for 2017 is a wildcard every week. In this piece, we explore the options available to brand new players and veterans alike as we attempt to predict the round’s Dream Team. We will primarily look at matchups and form as we pick the strongest team at $100m starting salary.

Previous Result

This starts with a caveat.  The switcheroo option was missed which would have boosted the score to 71 from 60 which makes a huge difference. We are going with  the higher score.

This lineup was just average.  Having a pair of defenders as the highest scores on the team and a bunch of middle of the road midfielders really hurt.  This still beat the average, but that’s not saying much. Torres was a slight disappointment as the captain.

Total Score: 71

Average: 55 (+16)

Highest: 104 (-33)

Note from the Author: I want to thank my wife for running this team for me. She doesn’t have time this year to set a lineup all the time so she decided to do this to give pictures with results each week. If there are missed switcheroos, manual subs, or late changes, please be understanding.


Goalkeeper – Cropper  $4.0 NE: A pair of home games makes for the perfect GK DGW.  A GK with two games at $4.0, how can anyone resist?

Defender – Delemea $6.0 NE: New England’s defense has improved and Delemea is a major part of that. Given two games and his bonus point potential, he’s hard to not include.

Defender – Long $5.3 NYRB: Columbus is tough, but the Red Bull defense has been stout at home.

Defender – Tolo $4.0 SEA: Here’s the switcheroo spot and it’s a novelty. Managers will be able to see both SJ scores before having to decide if Lima stays as the auto sub. If they get shelled, bring in Medranda.

Midfielder – Valeri $10.4 POR: SKC just shut him down, but Vancouver isn’t as strong of a defense. Given the Cascadia rivalries, he should go off.

Midfielder – Nguyen $10.0 NE: He’s doing well this year and has the double home game. What’s not to like?

Midfielder – Godoy $7.3 SJ: While a rotation risk, he’s likely to get minutes in both games of the DGW. He’s also averaging one of the highest PPG in the game.

Midfielder – Molino $10.0 MNU: Molino is pulling the strings in one of the highest powered offenses in the league. He’s also playing at home against a decimated Colorado side. No Sjorberg and Watts being suspended should amount to goals.

Forward – Ramirez $8.1 MNU: You can’t talk about how great Molino is doing without including his target man. These two together are gold.

Forward – Agudelo $8.4 NE: This is more about the second game than the first, but he’s still playing two. DC has been abysmal and the speed of NE will break them down.

Forward – Wondolowski $8.5 SJ: This one might seem like a stretch with two road games, but Wondo doesn’t get rested often. At the price, he’s worth the risk.


Goalkeeper – Diop $4.0 LA

Defender – Lima $4.6 SJ

Defender – Medranda $5.5 SKC

Midfielder – Ja Villarreal $4.0 LA

Total Value: $100.1

It’s all in the on the first double game week of the year and what’s not to like. There is a lot of upside to all of the players listed. There’s also a lot riding on just how bad Colorado will be without Watts in there.  Kortne Ford has done well for a rookie, but this MNU attack will really test him.


Lee Nguyen is the obvious choice this week.  There are some single game power house players to choose from, but two at home including one against DC United has too high a points ceiling without sacrificing the floor.

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