Best XI Predictions – Round 13

Best XI Predictions - Round 13

Did you ever wonder what you could do with a team if you used a Wild Card every week? In Best XI at $120m, we will explore the options available to brand new players as well as those using a Wild Card as we predict the rounds Dream Team. Along with the best players by round matchup, players with the best upcoming schedules will take precedence over similarly priced players.

Round 12 Recap

Blake: 11, Rosenberry: 5, Steres: 1, Glad: -1, Kaka: 6, Molino*: 16, Diaz: 5, Valeri: 10, Pontius: 9, Sapong: 5, Larin*: 12

Total Without Captain: 79
Adjusted For DGW Captain: 84-95
Round Average: 53
Round Best: 119
* Dream Team


Goalkeeper – Rimando $6.2 RSL: Playing in Yankee Stadium may not yield the best results, but Rimando is certainly a build for the future pick. There’s still the potential for lots of saves and NYC has struggled at home at points this season.

Defender – Rosenberry $5.9 PHI: The first of three returning defenders. It’s hard to break from the cheap options that are producing well enough.

Defender – Steres $5.1 LA: Steres is still one of the best cheap options. Definitely worth keeping around until the week 19 free WC.

Defender – Glad $5.1 RSL: Glad had a bad week, but he’s still a solid cheap option to keep around for a while. Watch for rotation with Olave, but he’s great to fill out the roster.

Midfielder – Diaz $10.9 DAL: One of the strongest mids when healthy with a game in round 13. Last week’s absence was likely a precaution more than an injury.

Midfielder – Valeri $10.7 POR: Still one of the best options and an easy inclusion most weeks. A week 13 game keeps him in the lineup.

Midfielder – Higuain $10.7 CLB: As the MLSFI team mentioned this week, Higuain has quietly moved himself up the ladder and sits in 5th place for overall points for a midfielder. Given O Kamara’s emergence and K Kamara’s absence, the new dynamic may benefit Higuain greatly.

Midfielder – J Morales $10.5 RSL: If anyone is poised for a comeback it’s Morales. Playing in a condensed field in Yankee Stadium could do wonders for his production. A favorable schedule down the stretch doesn’t hurt either.

Forward – Plata $9.5 RSL: Plata maxes this roster out on RSL players, but he’s arguably the best scoring threat this round. Definitely worth the gamble knowing his playmakers will be able to serve up balls in tight quarters.

Forward – O Kamara $8.1 CLB: A lot of managers will take Villa here, but the gamble on the differential could really pay off. Besides, if it doesn’t work, you can jump right back to a hot BWP.

Forward – dos Santos $11.4 LA: Maybe not the best choice overall, but the matchup is too tasty. Home vs KC and then a trip to Toronto before a DGW. Dos Santos definitely needs to be around for a few weeks.

Subtotal: $94.1


Goalkeeper – Blake $5.0 PHI

Defender – Zimmerman $6.4 DAL

Defender – Gullien $4.0 DAL

Midfielder – Steinberger $4.0 HOU

Forward – Hollinger-Janzen $4.5 NE

Subtotal: $19.9

Round 13 is a killer if you can’t field a full eleven and a bad week to use a wildcard with the limited options, but it’s not all bad news. There are lots of potential pickups that can easily be corrected if they don’t pan out. Morales, Kamara, and Higuain could all get the boot for names like Kljestan, BWP, or Piatti next round. With $2.0 banked, you have the flexibility to move 3 players and upgrade where needed.

Total $118.0


Valeri is the obvious choice unless you think one of the forwards really breaks the mold. For the sake of scoring, this article is locking in the safe option.

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