Best XI Predictions – Round 22

Best XI Predictions - Round 22

Did you ever wonder what you could do with a team if you used a Wild Card every week? In Best XI at $120m, we will explore the options available to brand new players as well as those using a Wild Card as we predict the rounds Dream Team. Along with the best players by round matchup, players with the best upcoming schedules will take precedence over similarly priced players.


  • Goalkeeper – Rowe $5.1 LA: He’s the dream team keeper on the best team without a bye until Round 32. No brainer here.
  • Defender – Steres $5.5 LA: – The consensus must own defender at this time. No byes and the right price.
  • Defender – Campbell $5.1 CHI – Watch out for rotation, but he’s not going to miss games due to bye weeks.
  • Defender – Sjoberg $6.1 COL: You aren’t going to find a better option at this price anywhere in the league.
  • Midfielder – Piatti $11.3 MTL: Still a solid contender playing in round 25. He’s a great addition now and able to shift into another premium mid for his round 27 bye.
  • Midfielder – Valeri $11.2 POR: Still the best midfielder in the game. He’s a must have when he’s playing.
  • Midfielder – Lampard $10.6 NYC: He’s hot and putting up solid numbers. He’s also cheaper than Kljestan.
  • Midfielder – Molino $8.8 ORL: Don’t let the hot week hype get in the way of this smart pick. Along with Alonso, he’s been one of the more consistent non premium options this year. A 3-5-2 requires at least one cheaper option and he’s it.
  • Midfielder – Larentowicz $7.2 LA: He’s not too flashy, but he’s been consistent. At the price, he’s a toss up with Pontius, but LA are headed in the right direction while Philly seems to be tapering off.
  • Forward – Giovinco $13.4 TFC: He’s on a DGW and consistently one of the highest scorers. How can you not have him.
  • Forward – Keane $11.6 LAG: No byes and the best striker to have along side Giovinco because of a favorable schedule

Subtotal: $95.9


  • Goalkeeper – Blake $4.9 PHI
  • Defender – Glad $4.9 DAL
  • Defender – Gullien $4.0 DAL
  • Forward – Hamilton $5.0 TFC
  • Forward – Hollinger-Janzen $4.5 NE

Subtotal: $23.3

This Roster goes all out for wins now while building for the byes. You’ve got 6 of your XI needed players for round 25 and the ability to morph the team as you go. The LA four and Campbell also give you a start on the round 27 squad as well. Your money is tied up in the right positions so you can easily grab the big names from rounds 24 to 27 and field a formidable team.

Total 119.2


Hands down, Giovinco. One of the highest scoring players on a DGW. No differential captain can cover the risk of not getting the massive points he could put up.

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