Best XI Predictions – Round 28

Best XI Predictions - Round 28

Did you ever wonder what you could do with a team if you used a Wild Card every week?  In Best XI at $120m, we will explore the options available to brand new players as well as those using a Wild Card as we predict the rounds Dream Team. Along with the best players by round matchup, players with the best upcoming schedules will take precedence over similarly priced players.


Goalkeeper – Rowe $5.4 LAG: We’re past the bye weeks and he’s on a DGW.  Rimando may be better, but there’s always the rotation risk.

Defender – Sjoberg $6.0 COL: This pick is your 1st for Round 32 and a solid option in the back.

Defender – Steres $5.5 LAG: He’s cheap and on a DGW.  Money belongs up front.

Defender – Glad $4.9 RSL: Glad has a DGW and for the price, it’s hard not to include him.

Midfielder – Piatti $11.5 MTL: Montreal’s main man has a DGW.  He’s the premier mid for the round.

Midfielder – Kaka $11.6 ORL: Right beyond Piatti for DGW potential, Kaka is the other must own midfielder for the round (if he starts).

Midfielder – Lletget $7.9 LA: Every 5 man midfield needs a budget option, and the DGW midfielder is definitely the go to.

Midfielder – Morales $11.0 RSL: That last DGW for RSL was Morales breakout week.  The risk is worth the cost.  If he tanks, he’s an easy flip to Lodeiro.

Midfielder – Quintero $6.5 SJ: Here’s an interesting prospect for any team.  He’s cheap, but producing well enough with 109 points for the season. This pick might save some cash and is your 2ndth Round 32 player.

Forward – Villa $12.5 NYC: He has finally overtaken Giovinco as the leading scorer and he’s up against the Revolution.  He’s worth taking for the long haul at the expense of a DGW player.

Forward – Wright-Phillips $11.8 NYRB: The other forward who has overtaken Giovinco on the scoring sheet.  Why not take the other Golden Boot contender against DC and hang on for as long as possible?

Subtotal: $94.8


Goalkeeper – Willis $4.8 HOU: This one requires an explanation.  Deric is likely out for the season and the Round 32 DGW is worth sinking the pick on at a $1.5m savings over Howard. He’s also the 3rd Round 32 player

Defender – Campbell $5.1 CHI: Your 4th Round 32 player.

Defender – Guillen $4.0 DAL: Switcheroo Candidate

Forward – Mullins $6.6 DC

Forward – Hollinger-Jenzen: $4.5 NE

Subtotal: $24.3

Total: $119.6

This lineup is a hair over the limit, but for anyone playing longer than a few weeks, is definitely doable.  There are some judgment calls in there, but it’s all about the long haul and not cashing in on the DGW.  Some might consider cashing in on the RSL hot streak, and it’s definitely worth considering, but long term. Don’t hesitate to switcheroo Mullins and Quintero whenever possible either.

As you plan ahead, you’ve got 4 Round 32 players already rostered with 9 free transfers before the Round 32 deadline.  That’s a total of 11 plus two odd transfers along the way.  Guys like Lodeiro, Finlay, O Kamara, Wondo, Morris, Accam and even Maidana should be on the radar as potential candidates to fill the holes. 3 of the 6 Round 32 teams also play twice in Round 31.


This is a tossup between your premium DGW midfielders. Piatti and Morales have favorable matchups, but  Kaka  can still work magic.  Orlando could struggle without Larin in the first game or that could free up a ton of opportunities for the Brazilian.

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