Bold Predictions Round 13

Bold Predictions Round 13

Hello Hello, sorry for the break in Bold Predictions. Living in the countryside of Japan has complications like the time difference, losing wifi for a month and lots of community involvement. My wifi is back up and running now and for the time being I should be back on track.

Bold Predictions Round 13

Now let’s see I believe I left off with a record of 4-3-5. That’s not as good as I would hope, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I’ve got some more goodies this week for you with the New England vs. NY Red Bulls game and the Loons vs. the Lions.

You will notice these are both away teams as well adding to the risk, but that’s what I love! It wouldn’t be nearly as fun if everyone else was right too, I like to be the only one.


Minnesota Coming Home with Newfound Confidence 

This title may look familiar and that’s because it is. I used it before when I predicted a win over SJ (which they deserved but didn’t get). Now I’m using it for the game against Orlando City. What’s this newfound confidence I’m talking about? Well, you’re right it’s not that newfound, but it’s very much present in the games if you watch closely and it’s only a matter of time before they knock off some top dogs. They deserved a better result in LA and they’re playing at home against the wounded lions next. If there’s ever a time to beat Orlando City it’s now.

I’m thinking a Ramirez Brace and a Kaka PK for the scoring.

Bold Predictions

Result: MIN 2-1 ORL
My Picks: Ramirez ($7.9) is my pick for this game. He’s just such a great price and it’s evident he’s got a knack for goal similar to everyone’s beloved Wondo (gag). As for OCSC I think Larin needs a break and Kaka just didn’t look right last game. I’m not touching them.

New England Revs Finally Back on Track?

The NY Red Bulls host the Revs this weekend and look to keep their own season together at home. However, the Revs are coming this weekend to play the role of spoilers. Having one their second game in a row, they’re not playing for a draw they want all 3 points. With protege away on international duty and the Kjlestan-BWP combo not what it used to be, I expect the Revs to put up 2 goals, maybe 3.
The caveat? Ferrell’s red card at the end of their game against Columbus doesn’t bode well for their backline, but I have faith they’ll come together and maybe even manage a clean sheet.

Bold Predictions

Result:NYRB 1-2 NER
My Picks: Nguyen ($10.3) is the obvious choice here, but he is a tad expensive for my taste. I’m tempted to ride the hot hand, Fagundez ($7.7), coming off a brace. As for the Red Bulls, they need change. The right change hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t see it happening this season. They won’t even be making the playoffs.

As always please come at me in the comment section or on twitter (@tbartels12)! I’m more than happy to be your punching bag as you weep over the fact that I was right and you were wrong.

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