Bold Predictions Round 14

Bold Predictions Round 14

Let’s see how last week went.

Minnesota and Ramirez did almost exactly as expected and I still think Ramirez could’ve come away with a brace, but let’s not focus on that. Minnesota got a huge win against Orlando at home and if you listened to me and picked up Ramirez you were happy. As for New England, if you listened to me you were still happy. Nguyen scored the PK and Fagundez earned the penalty leaving both of them with very respectable totals and left me looking at all green arrows for my fantasy team. Yes the Revs lost, but you don’t come here for that so I’ll take it as a draw in my standings, which leaves me with a 4-4-5 record.

Bold Predictions Round 14

For this week’s games I wanna stay with Minnesota, since I have a feeling some of you are getting a bit confident in SKC’s clean sheet chances at home against an apparently weak Minnesota side. The second predictions isn’t a single scoreline but my perspective on RSL. They’ve garnered a lot of pity and have lost a lot of respect in the FMLS world, but I guarantee at least one win from these two matches. I’m not exactly sure which game it will be (it’ll depend some on rotation), but they’re coming away from one of these away games with a win.

Minnesota On the Road with Newfound Confidence 

Minnesota is making my job easy. Only a lil tweak here and there and voila a bold prediction. I have to keep doing this because for some reason no one can keep the faith in Minnesota. Minnesota has found their form and have a scoring threat in Ramirez. The one caveat for those of you who are stat buffs, is that Minnesota hasn’t won once on the road this season. However, for me that means it’s about time. This is a game where you gotta let your gut decide and my gut says, somehow, the impenetrable defense of SKC is going to let one in. They got a great win last week and that was without Molino. They’re the real deal now.

A Ramirez goal and a Feilhaber assist for the game tying goal is how this game plays out, but I’ll be rooting for Minnesota the whole way.

Bold Predictions

Result: MIN 1-1 SKC
My Picks: Ramirez ($7.9) is my pick for this game. He’s just such a great price and it’s evident he’s got a knack for goal. Feilhaber is always

RSL Loves the Haters

We’re starting to see some of the pieces come together for RSL. They’re missing Lennon and his dynamic movement on the wing, but they have more than enough talent to be far more dangerous than they’ve been thus far. I think we see that talent on display this weekend. A draw for an away game is normally a respectable result, but with 2 away games in a row I think RSL needs to come away with at least one W. I don’t love Houston lately and FC Dallas hasn’t exactly been stellar in the attack. Not to mention, they’ll be missing the backbone of their team in Acosta and Hedges. I’m almost tempted to throw in an RSL defender to my team as well.

Bold Predictions

Result: 1 win 1 draw. I’m thinking a scoreline of 2-1 and/or 1-0 depending on how they rotate if at all.
My Picks: Rusnak ($9.3) is the obvious choice here for RSL. You could make an argument for Plata ($8.9) whose probably the biggest goal threat for RSL. I don’t like anyone from FC Dallas this week and I’m actually staying away from Houston as well due to some rumblings in my gut.


As always please come at me in the comment section or on twitter (@tbartels12)! I’m more than happy to be your punching bag as you weep over the fact that I was right and you were wrong.

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