Bold Predictions Round 16

Bold Predictions Round 16

Well Round 14 was a doozy. There may be some angry readers out there who followed my gut, but all I have to say is you win some and lose some. But man was Round 14 rough. I mean RSL got destroyed. I was definitely in need of a break in Round 15 and thankfully there were hardly any games on the slate and no Bold Predictions I liked. Getting back to business let’s at least touch on what happened.

Minnesota got smacked around by SKC, but honestly that was a bad prediction. I got lost in the fantasy of Minnesota going into the home of the best defense in the league and taking a point. It took Montreal an incredibly lucky break last week to do that.

As for RSL… I have no words. I believed where even RSL’s own fans didn’t. I think another week it could’ve been possible, but with several starters missing and the attack still not clicking this pick was a no no. Rusnak and Plata weren’t complete duds, however. RSL did show an ability to score in the second leg and will certainly be a team to watch with the influx of youth after the U20 World Cup.

This week I like SKC and ATL. SKC is away to SJ, but appear to have an edge now that SJ is missing a defender. Also, a pick against Wondo is an easy pick for me. As for ATL, this may not seem as bold, but no one can deny how good CLB have looked this year in compared to years past. They finally look to be putting together a competent team that doesn’t just play fun counterattacking football for parts of the game, but one that can finish games too and potentially lift the MLS Cup. ATL will have something to say about that.

Bold Record: 4-6-5

Bold Predictions Round 16

For this week’s games I wanna stay with Minnesota, since I have a feeling some of you are getting a bit confident in SKC’s clean sheet chances at home against an apparently weak Minnesota side. The second predictions isn’t a single scoreline but my perspective on RSL. They’ve garnered a lot of pity and have lost a lot of respect in the FMLS world, but I guarantee at least one win from these two matches. I’m not exactly sure which game it will be (it’ll depend some on rotation), but they’re coming away from one of these away games with a win.

Sporting Kansas City Take all 3 in San Jose 

We all know SKC have a good defense. At home they’re near impenetrable. For those of you who have really been following fantasy you will also know San Jose have one of the best defenders this year in Jungwirth. However, Jungwirth subbed out of the midweek game with an ankle contusion the size of a tennis ball and will most likely not be playing leaving SKC with a chance. It’s very likely this game ends in a draw due to SJ’s stout defense, but I’m banking on SKC sneaking a goal in and keeping Goal-Wonder Wondo off the scoresheet.

Bold Predictions

Result: SJ 0-1 SKC
My Picks: There’s a reason Feilhaber’s ($10.6) price has risen so much; he is the focal point of SKC’s attack and usually comes away with bonus points to show for it. He could have one assist but come away with 10 points from a game. That’s the kind of game I’m expecting from him. Other than that either defense is a viable pick. Opara is always good for bonus points and has been knocking away goals like a striker so get it while it’s hot.

Columbus Crew Follow up USOC Exit with a Loss to Rebounding ATL

ATL are back. Martinez started and went 90 midweek (unfortunately this makes it unlikely he starts this weekend) leading ATL to a comeback win. Martinez is important for his goalscoring, but the bigger impact is the mental affect that goalscoring has on the rest of the team. Villalba and Almiron are good, but Martinez is the goalscorer and it feels like they’ve just been missing that one person this whole time. With Martinez’s performance midweek came ATL’s swagger. CLB will think they’ve got something to prove after losing to USL side FC Cincinnati so don’t expect a low scoring game. 3-2 if Martinez doesn’t start and 4-1 if he does.

Bold Predictions

Result: ATL 3-2 CLB
My Picks: Almiron ($9.6) is on my team and if I were certain Martinez were starting he would be too. In a game I like to be fast paced I’d also have the bargain Gressel ($4.4) on your team. He’s shown he can get into the attack and will most likely active as usual and ripe for a switcheroo. Meram ($10.2) is Meram. He’s the second highest scoring midfielder this year and for good reason. 8 goals and 6 assists over 16 games. That’s production.

As always please come at me in the comment section or on twitter (@tbartels12)! I’m more than happy to be your punching bag as you weep over the fact that I was right and you were wrong.

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